A second time grow here and psyched

I am very excited about trying to see what I can make of this runt. This seed seemed to have stared out life upside down as she took the long way to the surface.

@jetlag the link to your journal wasn’t in there just tag me in it and I will find it that way. One of the things I forgot when I put my tent up was to pull out my thermometer. So now I have got all of that working now with fans in the back giving them some outdoor movement. I am also preparing to put them in slightly larger peat pots. They should be just the right size for the hand offs to everyone and to plant into my yard.

@scylents I used to think that way but I see signs everywhere that eventually weed will become legal again.


Here is an update. Things are going along swimmingly. All plants are still upright and have green color to their leaves. That is a good sign. Just to catch people up with this grow (my third grow) I started 15 seeds from a “Baker’s Mix” here from ILGM. At first 13 made the surface and began growing but a 14th did make it in. The strains are GSCE, Wedding Cake, and Cherry Pie. It is a soil grow and will be done outside in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Most of the plants will go to others to grow. I am just the guy to get them on their way to their full potential (yah right!). I am keeping 4 of these and the rest will be sent to new homes. At that point I will stop following them so much but I might get an update as they go from my friends.

So I decided to take individual pictures so that I can begin to identify them as individuals. I am growing an additional GCSE that came in as others were already reaching. I do have two runts though. You will see as you look. The first 4 are mine.

Here are the remaining 10 in no particular order.


Oh to continue on the description of the grow. I have started them and are vegging them in a 2x2x4 tent. Yes it is a small tent and why would someone growing weed have such a small tent? Well that is what happens when you have money to burn (not rich just feel like it) and don’t read the instructions written on the side of the seeds. LMAO. Yeah funny story I had no idea how big pot was going to grow so I bought this tent. I never returned it thinking hey maybe I can use it for other seedlings like tomatoes and other veggies. We have a very nice garden in the yard.

Well anyway the soil they are growing in is FFOF and are currently in peat pots. The small ones I believe are going to be too small for me so I am preparing to put them in the slightly larger ones you see them in also a peat pot. When my girls go to their home that will be in some fabric pots outside in the sunniest location in my yard. They will join a chorus of flowers, fruits and vegetables in my just under an acre piece of heaven. We are also planning on a professionally done paving paths done as well as a more elaborate firepit than the one I created during my first grow. It is an exciting time as we are thinking ahead to life beyond this house.

My wife and I are retired and love to travel the world and have the means so there will come a time…

So this is the start they have gotten.


Great update @Oldsoldier1976

I enjoyed keeping up with you last journal, the plants, the back yard improvements… looking forward to this one!

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Thanks, it is fun being able to do stuff. I am very lucky to have all that I have. I hope that some of the newbies that are considering outdoor grows someday get inspired by mine. The great part is this time I get to watch them grow up close myself this summer LMAO. Whatever will that be like? I will endeavor to make it entertaining as the entire process of growing this stuff is soooooo slow we have to adlib to these journals. Things like pointing out the usefulness of this PH meter. The combination light/moisture/PH meter that is useless as a PH meter.