A pot for pot- do i need nutrients?

Hello! I am a first time grower using the A Pot for Pot set up. I have a blueberry auto and a northern light growing but i dont think theyre as far along as they should be…?
I germinated and planted both on 5/12/20.
I did have an issue with stretching at first because of my poor lighting. I have since purchased a new one which has been working much better.
Should i also be using additional nutrients? If yes, which type since my set up yas super soil in the bottom and coco on top?


plant looks good ! Your Super Soil should have what plant needs at this point.


Agree with @kellydans. :point_up:t5: Pot for a pot doesn’t require any nutes because of the super soil. I am currently in week 7 with my pot. You can check out my grow. I only use pH water.


Thanks!! Im just impatient then lol.


If you could create a little airflow with Help with adding strength to the stem.

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So just found out about this website. I and just growing this to see if I can. Idk if u can see there are spots on it. I read it’s a fungal. How do I get rid of them. And what can I do better. I heard Neem oil.?.

Following, thanks!

Hey man,
I am just finishing up a pot for pot grow. After I saw the “top layer” of soil they gave me i called about using nutrients. They told me that it wasn’t necessary, but you could if you want. They recommended 30% of the mfctr’s directions for use. You may want to call them to see if that’s still true. All I can say is that my blueberry auto perked back up after I gave her nutrients about 2-3 weeks into flower. (15-5,5)


Tried to reply, and somehow it ended up on the post below yours. If you cant find it, (on @Sgembecki6’s) I just said I am finishing a blubrry auto using pot 4pot. I called and asked about nutrients after seeing the “top layer” of what they gave me. They said not necessary, but i could if i wanted. All I can say is my plant perked back up in the 2nd week of flowring after adding notes (15-5-5). Good luck

Hey, welcome! I do not know why my posts are coming to your help topic. Please excuse the interruption.