A new 2x2 enthusiast

As long as they can, you can. Looking good!

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both plants had 6 nodes and the stem was getting thicker so I decided today was time to cut.

both plants topped at third node and all the other vegetation removed. never done this so it was sooo stressing…
sanitized my small scissors, and after the cut applied a small blob of honey where the cut was

lastly I put some hooks and tried to spread the branch downwards. dont know if this is really something I should do but I saw someone else do it aswell.

hope the plants recover from such a inexperienced surgical operation :smile:


oh yeah, and I’m using nebulas manifold as the reference
link: Bigger Buds with Nebula's Easy Manifold (Cannabis Main-Lining Tutorial) | Grow Weed Easy


hope I did everything correctly :crossed_fingers:


I also did a nebula. One of my Super lemon Hazes. I’ll tag ya in my journal when I update it. :+1: Looking great!

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please do, how many weeks it extended your veg period?

It looks great. I vegged mine for a long time. Almost 12 weeks. I was going for 24 colas, but broke some so down to 20. with Nebulas and 8 colas, you won’t need that long. Here are a couple of pics of mine.

and 2 weeks later

And last Friday. 12 days after flip to 12/12


looking good, and welcome aboard to my journal chunkymonkey!

I might try that bamboo stick trick as well! I just bought some paperclips to route soft wire.

I follow the terra aquatica tripart weekly nute intake for coco, whilst in the mainlining process before preflower and flower would you say just use the suggested tripart vegetation intakes and just prolongue them?

@WeedStinking791 Sorry, I’m not the one to ask. I switched to organic in super soil this grow. I just add PH water, scratch in some dry nutes and worm castings, and am starting a tea brew in the next water.

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unfortunately it is an auto

seems like the arms were not strong enough to deal with my bendy hooks :scream:
the damage is not too bad it seems, so i will not be taping them. i took away the hooks and let them go upwards to the light, not causing any more stress to the junction at this moment.

further down the road it seems like this might seriously hinder my ability to do LST.
they were not really even causing that much downwards pressure so im shook.

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I increased my dimmer (brighter) and lowered the lamp a little bit so they would not maybe try to stretch so much.

but the worse broken arm’s leafs are already droopy. please dont die on me :sob:

I put the hook under it so it tries to go upwards to the natural direction, and a tiny bit of honey as an antiseptic, no tape yet

sorry for leaving you guys at a such cliffhanger.

but the manifold is done! 8 colas strong

the second girl… unfortunately had to amputate its other arm, and it was tempting to leave it at 6 colas but because its only a 2x2, 4 colas will have to suffice. knowing that this might be overkill anyways.

now I will try to even the canopy by applying gentle LST, as the knuckles have grown much stronger and bigger I have much more trust in them, knowing they might be a bit more resistant to my strangling.


Getting little setbacks like that helps you figure out how much these plants can accommodate. I think you’ll still have a good harvest :wink: looking good in there


Thank you for the support :metal:

How is your lemon haze doing?


Frekin A doing great! My lapse in appearance here is related to some outside IRL crap, but hope to be back watching the grows here shortly.