A lot of issues with the website lately

Been having a lot of issues lately with your site pictures don’t load properly always freezing getting jittery now today top of the screen has like three or four of my logos with the menu bars won’t let me do anything should maybe invest a little time and money into the site

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I hate you are having trouble I haven’t had any of those issues. I hope it gets better for you.

I was having same issues last week but all seems fine now!!!

ThoughtI posted here this morn but it all messed up.

You think there would have been a little feedback from ilgm website since there’s so many posts today on falty website?



I am also having many issues… I see a number showing i have notifications but when i click it it either does nothing or open an empty menu trying to load.

Then is happened:

I am using Android on the latest Edge browser on a Microsoft Surface Duo phone thingy.

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Bingo! Welcome to the club.


Having same issues, portrait pictures turn sideways, profile tab is frozen in time.

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Every thing was perfect untill yesterday morning. I dont think everyone that is having the trouble suddenly had identical equipment failures all at the same time! Logic takes me elsewhere.


I can follow that logic :+1:

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I’m having the same issue on my iPad for the last 4 or 5 days. Everything on my end seems to be fine. My iPhone works fine

I’m still having issues and it’s not anything associated with WiFi or bandwidth as someone suggested. Are you guys looking into it?

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If you all ever wonder why we ask you to not create multiple topics for same issue, this is why. I have been working with half of the people here in another topic.

Anyone that is having issues, can you please check to make sure you are running latest version of your browsers and there are no updates pending on your mobile devices? If so, please update and let me know if you are still having issues. I have been working with discourse support since last Friday, so far they cannot find anything wrong. The more information any of you can share that I can pass along, the sooner we can hopefully find a resolution.


Here’s my info:
Device: Microsoft Surface Duo
Device update status: up to date
Browser: Edge version up to date

I have tried it using the “Bing” app and no error… But the Bing app sucks and only used it to test this error.

Usual error:

I no longer have issues.


Everyone experiencing these issues delete their cache/cookies? What it sounds like, which is why it fixes itself eventually. When the cookie gets replaced. Should routinely clear your caches and cookies to keep your devices running smooth.

Not bad advice, but that wasn’t the issue. Some code that was part of a recent update wasn’t compatible with some browsers. The randomness made it difficult to find, but the discourse team was able to take feedback our members provided and eventually track it down. It’s now removed and everyone should be able to use whatever they did before.


Those guys earned a cookie. A big cookie with a big bud in the middle!