Having difficulty on the forum?


Some of you have been encountering issues on the forum. If you’re account has been troublesome, please post here so I can keep track in one place. It would be most helpful if you could list problems you have encountered and any other pertinent information.

Thank you!


@Bulldognuts @AAA @CoyoteCody @kaptain3d @Dman1969 and tag a gromie you know that has had issues.


@repins12 @garrigan62 @pptrsha1 @Missiles @Amazon66 and me are having problems…


Mine has been fixed. It wasn’t related to the Other forum issues :wink: thanks Kap!


List of problems :

Emoticons does not work. I have to type them in.
Preview works sometimes…
I can’t post any pictures from my tablet or from my computer.
I can’t link to posts
Most drop-down menus don’t work.
The notifications don’t always take me to the posts they tell me about…

All that was happening until a few seconds ago, now Previews work and I can post picture it seems.

(those are Sheriff’s @Gremmall’s plants…)


The ones I’m aware of has been tagged already. I bookmarked page and will make sure to link it to anyone who I see is having issues.

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  • When responding to a thread, I type my response, hit reply and it acts as if it has been done, but I have to refresh the page to see my response.

This only happens on my Mac computer, not my iPhone.

Edit: It did not do it that time!


Was doing a grow journal the other day and during pic upload Chrome froze up. Did this twice. Froze up on the select screen. Running Win 10.

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Mine screams insults at me and calls me an inferior grower. And also all the other stuff listed above.

The first problem I noticed and most aggravating one for me is everytime I like post a box pops up in the top left of my screen and asks if I will allow alerts for ilgm. No matter if I click yes or no it asks every time. But my right arm is looking buff from picking it up 50 extra times a day to click the box so that one has a perk lol


I hope you’re done with puberty then… otherwise it might get dangerous for you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sometimes I can post pictures and emojis on my computer but most times not.

I can always post pictures and emojis on my phone.


@Not2SureYet here you go my friend :wink:


Thanks all!

I will be reaching out to each of you individually as time allows. There is a discourse support tech trying to help and they are looking for a little more information.

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So at least one of your issues is potentially fixed? Would you please run though anything else you may have had issue with when you get a chance? Much appreciated!


I can’t post pics with my pc’s or mac’s on most threads, after I hit upload, it just sits there, then I have to cancel to make the upload box go away, then get back to the reply screen, it gets stuck on uploading 0% and I have to cancel the reply altogether. I have discovered that I can post pics using my iphone when neither my pc’s or mac’s can’t.


I had the same issue until this morning. Did you try to upload a picture today per chance? :nerd_face:


@Enlightened420 I think you were having a few problems but I could be mistaken. If so here you go My Brother. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

Just tried posting a pic to this thread, same problem.

Well, I was able to upload a picture here once. Now the preview is broken again and I can’t upload pictures either here or on my thread… (on my computer)


Truthfully, Ive been almost 100% functional except for what I mentioned. It might be a Windows vs. Mac OS.

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