A lazy susan works great!

This 10" diameter lazy susan that cost me only $15 is very simple but extremely helpful whenever I pull your auto out of the tent to defoliate, supercrop, LST or whatever.

It allows me to spin the plant around to me while I sit in a chair with ideal lighting above me. Without it, it was amazing what I would actually miss leaning over to try to see and access the other sides of the plant.

I’m 61 years old and for me, this is just what the doctor ordered.

Hopefully, someone will read this and it will give them an idea to do the same.

That’s all…


Bill ward on youtube has a huge lazy susan


I stole @beardless design for a SOG PVC setup. Me and my fiance love it. Definitely nice being able to spin your plant around and have some more height to it. I do a quarter turn every day on the PVC setups


A couple years ago someone had a tent sized lazy susan.
I’m glad the frames are working out. Plants are looking top notch.


Like the PVC set up too… I like pulling them out like mine giving me the up close and personal look that comes with that.


This might be what @beardless was talking about. Still have it an still love it.
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A thing of beauty
had to bring it over for all to see

I have a 2x2 frame in the 3x3. I was thinking I should put some plywood or?? (something that won’t warp / maybe Plexiglas) to spin the frame on.


Lowes or home depot sells the bearing assy. I used 2x12 for base half inch plywood for another project 8 wood screws.

Lazy sue bearing assy was less than 5.00


the frames have wheels. It would move easier on a solid surface rather than the tent’s floor


Casters, yes nice idea

This is an awesome idea
I’m outdoors on a second story deck and have mine on wheels makes life so much easier …I need to move them around noon or so every day to keep the best sun on them …but also east to have a chair and spin them when inspecting for pests and stuff like you mentioned .hadn’t thought about using anything under them for indoors when I eventually start that journey …

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Thought of a few ideas very similar. My biggest problem is i have to use a tent so i have the strip under the zippered bottom to deal with plus my ceiling is only 7’ high. By the time i sit my pots on short riser dishes and raise my light to its max height for heat clearance i struggle for clearance distance to canopy top in the end.

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I wanted as much of the 7’ tent as I could get so I moved the exhaust and filter outside of the tent. I still vent out the top but I just as easily could have used the top side port.