🥶 A grow for fun

Happy birthday :birthday: :partying_face: :tada: :balloon: :gift: :confetti_ball:


Thanks @TheAbu95 I didn’t make it to testing Matty’s stuff last night. But will be on it in just a few :grin:
@Lostgirl This is the mess i have going now :laughing: I may have to do some super cropping to the NL today. It is growing really tight together and needs spread out some.


I would reconsider super cropping your Auto flower. In my last grow neither plant that I supercropped recovered very well. I strongly suggest you simply bend and tie down that cola that needs supercropped. It gives you the exact same results with zero stress. super cropping is one of the most stressful high stress training you can do to an auto.

Some will tell you it’s fine I’ll tell you from a learning experience it’s not wise.


He’s one of the few I know that can do high stress training on autos.


I did it on 2 Do-Si-Dos autos and it stopped flowering dead in its track for over a month.


@Lostgirl I seem to have the opposite luck. the ones I super crop normally do better for me. I bent these a bit. But once they stretch a bit more. They will get done too. I appreciate you looking out for me though :+1:
Thinking about timing wise. I would say most of mine are done right as I see them about to flower. or a week past. If you really want to do good. break an arm :laughing: I did that on accident my very first grow and ended up with a big girl. And my Biggest auto had a whole main branch broke off that couldn’t be repaired. For what ever reasons. Autos have always seemed to like me a little more than photos :laughing:


Boy, the weeks are going by quick. It sure doesn’t seem like it in the grow room lol Temps are low for me.
My thoughts are mainlining the Ak -47 wasn’t a good idea. Although she is still young. It keep getting moved to smaller and smaller :laughing: It is now down sized to a 2x2 square. Since it hardened off now. It would be hard to fit in even the 2x4 scrog
This is week 6 for the Ak - 47

the picture is bad since it is to bright in the closet. But the Amnesia haze here will go next to the AK later today. I am waiting on a friend to help me move the lights.
Amnesia haze at week 4

The Afghan Mass looks like it is about to pre flower at week 5

The Northern Lights still is growing slow. And hardened off at weekv5

The Green gelatos are doing good and so far. Keeping to the area I hoped they would

The Glueberry looks like it might start to flower soon as well. Week 5

And the green Crack. 1 week into flower. Week 6

Oh yeah, there will also be these :roll_eyes: They sprouted today


On point and healthy at the farm Grow Bro, gotta lot growing on this run :muscle::muscle::love_you_gesture:


Wasn’t this supposed to be a “small” grow? :rofl::man_shrugging:


Lol, that’s what I was thinking.

They’re looking fabulous either way!


Thanks @OGIncognito @AfgVet @MattyBear Some how things always seem to manage to grow. It isn’t my fault. Honest. The Ak didn’t take off as fast as it should have. room temps are way to low. So rather that wait 6 months for this to fill out lol I kept making it smaller. Once it hardened off. I knew it was going to be a pain to get it to spread right. So now it is there in the 2x2 area. I moved the Amnesia next to it. I can’t get any of these last 2 I want to crack. I have 6 seeds soaking right now. Who ever comes up first will get in :laughing: This is the Amnesia. Partially super cropped and tied down. It looks happy this morning


Survival of the fittest :muscle::muscle:. I see the Amnesia is an overachiever :joy::love_you_gesture:


There was NO WAY you were going to do a small grow. Everyone but you knew that haha.


@Myfriendis410 That was the plan. Till the Ak didn’t take off fast enough :grin: After that. It was out of my hands. I had no choice but to drop a few more :laughing: isn’t that some kind of law :laughing:


It is my turn for a question :grin: @Budbrother since you seem to be on top of this too :grin:
I keep having my ph drop into the 4s. I check it every morning and adjust as needed. Things have been going good. Till I hit flower. I just trimmed these 2 days ago and they looked good. All but a few yellow that I couldn’t get to. These are all autos doing this. Looks like they are hungry. I am in coco and use Jacks. The other 4 plants. 3 autos going into flower and the photo which is top fed are all good :thinking: I still have 8 to 10 weeks of flower for a couple of these. The buds look fine. But should I add more epsom or part B? @dbrn32 I know you are good with jacks. You can see these are starting to lighten up on top too. I have only seen this a couple times. But normally at the end of the grow. never at the start of flower.
Any thoughts from any one :grin: Tomorrow is up date day and all the plants will be shown.


More Epsom

Starting to yellow between veins


Try adding in limestone to your pot mix. It’ll help combat the pH swings due to res pH lowering over time. Best option and is suitable for coco grows. Its natural buffering ability, always, brings the pH up over time.

Dolomite Lime will do the same for you, but it has an improper Ca to Mg ratio, so I avoid to discourage lockouts in my soil mix.

Adding oyster flour is another buffering agent. It seeks a neutral pH rather the pH is high or low.

Gypsum, wouldn’t change the pH, as it’s not in its nature. Basically, only a source of Ca & S.


Would this work for upward swings as well @Budbrother


Thanks @Budbrother I will add more epsom to this rez. I will go back to the dry silica after this new rez. With the armour si. I have to keep adding PH up all the time. With the Agsil-16 The rez normally stays good for about 3 days. Then I have to add some down. My plants can handle a higher ph a lot better than the lower. I will look into grabbing a little lime stone to test out also. Thank you for that. :+1:
I also found today that if I keep the grow room door shut and the fan on low. I can get the temps into the 80s faster. I only get a couple hours in the 80s with the door closed. So hopefully. The new kids will benefit from that :grin: @Apot420


That would be oyster flour. Adding oyster flour It seeks a neutral pH. Whether or not the pH is high or low, makes no difference.