9 week old white widow auto

This is Gertie at 9 weeks. She is developing leaves daily, but see very little signs of buds. Is she doing ok? According to 2fast4buds she should be ready for harvest. She doesn’t even have any flowers. Please tell me she is doing ok.
Happy Frog potting soil
71-78 F Temp
55-60 Humidity
500 watts LED
Ceiling fan blowing
Cal - Mag 5ml once (bottom leaves turned brown/gold on tips) no more nutes for now!
Soil on top is dry to keep gnats away. Soil right below dry soil is very moist.

Appreciate all suggestions and tips!


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Side view of Gertie

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Less is more sometimes. I would suggest making sure your ph is right with ur tds. Looks good so far @Geerie.

Sorry forgot to mention PH. I am using Dasani water with a PH of 5.5

Not that I have any clue what I’m talking about. But I have read on this forum ph should be bout 6.8. Please don’t take my advice. I’m just new too.

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Looks to be a photo, definitely not an auto at 9 weeks!!!

Looks like new growth is yellowing(needs more food)

You are in soil which would require a PH of 6.3-6.8 for optimal uptake of nutrients…different ones break down/lock out at different PH’s


I received the yellowing on the tips after I fed her CalMag

I have upped her water ph to 6.8, she is growing new fan leaves daily. Still not getting very big.

@Geerie i cal-mag only on waters IF NEEDED. Cal-mag can be a pain if used incorrectly!

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@Geerie what are you feeding her? What is your feed schedule? How much are you feeding?

I have been feeding a very small amount of Cal Mag, the potting soil is Happy Frog full of nutrients. Some say I do not need to feed her, just water, control light, heat and ph level.

Todays photo Day 78.

In the summary of your first post everything seems good but something is keeping Gertie from thriving, she should be much bigger after 9 weeks.

Specifically what 600 watt light are you using? Make and model.

What is your watering routine?

How did you test the pH of your water?

I think you can do better once we figure out what’s happening.

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I am using several lamps with Led bulbs and one Led grow light from Amazon

3 Pack BlueX 100W LED Grow Light…

Grow Light,GHodec Sunlight White 50W 84 LEDs Dual Head Clip

Complete watering every 2 -3 days depending on the weight of the pot.

Ph tested before going in, after going in and run off. Using these.

Sonkir Soil pH Meter, MS02 3-in-1…

PH Meter for Water Hydroponics…

Ceiling fan

Room heater

Temp/humidity gauge

Those “100 watt” light bulbs are only 9 watts each. You need more light.

If you only want to grow one plant at a time you don’t have to buy a big expensive light, but you need a quality light suitable for growing one plant. You can probably get a good light for between $100-150 for flowering one small plant at a time.

Don’t buy anything before getting a second opinion and don’t even begin to look at red/blue LED lights with veg/bloom switches. Look for a light constructed with a “quantum board” LED. Spider Farmer, Mars Hydro, and the forums favorite, HLG are three brands that carry what you want. Plenty of others as well.

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@CMichGrower is correct about the lighting situation…general rule of thumb is 35w per sqft(canopy) for veg…50w per sqft(canopy) for flower…if i were you and 1 plant is your goal, i would look into an HLG QB 135w Rspec DIY kit ($200 approx.) or Mars Hydro Tsl-1000 (not sure on current price off top of my head lol)…As @CMichGrower already stated…there are others as well! (If you only want to spend $$$ once…HLG the way to go!)

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Thank you for the info. I do not understand how a 100w led is only 9w? Should I just use regular 100w bulbs then? $200 investment for 1 plant is a little out of my pay range right now.

I was hoping to get one seed to flower,to decide if it was all worth my time and money. Hobbies can be so expensive!

I think I will be getting a little grow tent with a hanging light and some ph up and down if I show a genuine interest.

I already have quite the investment now and have not successfully flowered anything. This is my 5th seed. This is the farthest I have gotten and it appears to still be a long way from harvesting anything.

I had a big plan in the beginning. I planned to grow my own medicine and stop spending so much on the black market. So far, with this investment I could have purchased enough medicine weed to last me about 8 months.

I have 10 bubblegum seeds to grow next. I thought White widow was suppose to be the easiest and most forgiving. Guess if I am unable to grow WW to harvest, then I really am not equipped to grow another strain. I will continue to try to learn and see if I can get my family to help with the equipment investment.

A pot for a pot led me to believe I could grow this like a flower in a pot on my window sill. :rofl: Not true so far! :cry:

I must say I am impressed and in awe of those who have perfected the grow!

Thank You All for your input. :upside_down_face:

If you get a proper light you can successfully flower Gertie and get your first successful grow under your belt. She won’t flower because there isn’t enough light. Trying another strain won’t help.

I don’t know where you live, but if you don’t want to invest in a light is it possible to grow outdoors? It won’t be done until mid to late October, but Gertie could be gigantic by then and you could potentially get enough out of her to get you through a year.

Failing that, A HLG 100 lamp costs $150, but “dude” discount code will bring it down to $135. That would get her to flower.


Wow really she would take off that big? I have dogs who will not allow an outside grow, plus I don’t think it is legal either. :woozy_face:. Which blows my mind that someone can control me growing a weed! How ridiculous.

Where can I find that light? You have a link? I might be able to get this instead of that grow tent. How would she do i side with that light? Thanks for the incentive!