75$ cooler for DWC single bucket

I have a new chiller that is supposed to cool 9 gallons and Ian trying it with a 6 gallon res. I replaced the water pump with a bigger one, added a supersize air pump.

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But the $75 is intriguing to me. I priced them for my cloner and chit myself. Gonna stalk this thread and see how she does.

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Gonna run it overnight and see how it cools. If it cools one bucket then I am ecstatic to be able to keep res temps low. High temps have been a constant battle leading to root rot towards the end of the grow. Hey @peachfuzz @ktreez420. Think my new toy will work?


Well damn, please leave a review in the morning! Always could a chiller for a decent price. I’m at the point where I’m tired of swapping frozen bottles everyday


Go coco. Just pure hydro without all the pumps and temp concerns.

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Not sure , but let me know how it goes… :wink:

How many gallons in your system?

Six gallons

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@bryan how’s the water temp doing?

Just finished checking it. 71 degrees with grow area 90 degrees


That’s pretty good! Where did you get the cooler?

E bayou.

If it’s not made for hydro it’s probably copper and will just break in a short time and leech chems as well. But it’s worth a shot.
The ones made for hydro have titanium I believe so they dont corrode and break down. They are also made to run nutrient water from res through them hense the titanium. They do need cleaning though as with any. There is a chem u run through system between grows that eats the nute build up away for cleaning system.

Also the slower the water flow through cooler the better. So be as close to min needed for that pump and you can get the water even cooler.