7.3 PH hard water on plants

My wife got up early n saw plants wilting so she tried to help out n gave our reg tap water., I usually give then ph water 6.2-6.6. Do I need to worry or do anything? Will high ph water hurt my plants one time maxed out. Looks like she drenched them

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I wouldn’t worry about a one-off watering. 7.3 isn’t that bad, and can even be helpful if you have some salt buildup.

I watered mine at a pH of 8.0 (on purpose) today to combat the low pH from salt buildup.


It shouldn’t hurt at all. One day won’t kill them. When I got my pH meter by Apera I found out our water pH range
from 7.0 to 8.5 and they did fine. Now I have pH Down and Up incase.


Try this on. Especially if your using nutrients at this point.

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Thanks. You guys the best! :smiley:
I thought I read somewhere, large fluctuations in ph at roots would cause issues

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Only if it occurs over and over. Occasional fluctuations aren’t really much of a problem. I get pretty aggressive with feeding pH levels to correct soil problems in the 8.0 to even 9.0 at times. I’ve never hurt a plant doing that.


While we are in the subject. Could you have a soil with 5-6 ph and just water with un ph,d 7.3 tap water and everything would even out nutrient absorption wise?

Odaharry, Only if there is a fluctuation in the pH with a consistent up and down reason why I know is I put a lot of stress on my plant, burnt leaves, and stunted growth.

Not sure if u are answering my first question or my last one?

It is best to maintain your runoff pH between 6.3 and 6.8. You can slowly run up the pH of the soil pH to 6.5 with 7.3 water, but it would take a while if even possible at all.

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