6 GSCE second grow in my life!

From germination to harvest I hope you guys find and experience this grow as much as possible on my journal!! Every obstacle every leaf every picture of this grow I’m posting on this! Thread! They are starting in a humidity dome with a small humidifier on them to keep humidity at 99+ the first two weeks with the temperature at 79 Fahrenheit and a misting every two hours until I go to sleep


@Low here is the journal I told you about


I will be following.

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@dbrn32 @Nicky tag yall in this just cause you were such a influential part of my first one!!

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Awesome, good luck on this one too!

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Looks like the running temperature is 88 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity over 100

So nothing today I took the humidifier out which is keeping the rh at around 85-96 and the temp is 83 degrees to 85. Nothing sprouted yet doing a 18-6 cycle

How is your humidity so extreme. Isn’t 100% raining? Lol.

You don’t need light until they break the soil.

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@Low i have it in a humidity dome with a small humidifier running inside of it

Ooooh ok lol :joy: I’m a little gone

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Five of them sprouted but when I was putting them back in their home and put the lid on one fell over :tired_face::tired_face:

Never give up on these girls!! The dropped one came back to life and all seven have sprouted

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@dbrn32 how do you keep your temp down using this light? I have a carbon filter and two incline duct fabs and temps are still high

Which light? Which fans and filter? What is temp inside tent ans outside temp?

HLG 600r. Three 6 inch incline fan from growbright viviosun 6 inch outside room temp is 77 the temp inside tent is 88-91


And a circular fan hanging from the ceiling

Your tent is always gonna be warmer than what your intake air is. +10 differential isn’t out of ordinary. From there, see if you can’t maybe increase airflow by reducing length of duct, amount of bends, or seeing if your filter restricts flow too much.

You could dim light some if you need to as well. Otherwise I would say you are keeping ambient temp higher than most and that is where the majority of your problem is coming from.


Not very many bends. So what do I do? I can’t grow in 90 degree weather