50/50 coco perlite auto drip

Hey fellow cultivators. Been growing for about a year now and I’ve gotten pretty good with soil on my indoor grows. Wanted to try something different. I’ve diy a auto drip for 4-3 gallon fabric pots. Resurculateing 3 drippers per pot 20 gallon tote for a reservoir. 50/50 coco perlite mix. How often should I run pump? Oh i forgot planning on a 18/6 with autoflowers.

Many variables here.

What’s your plan for dealing with runoff? Temp controls? Strains… it’ll change from plant to plant depending on their sizes and such.

I’m finishing up two grows doing coco with automated watering.

A couple of observations:

Using Jack’s, no need to water to runoff

Watering frequency is twice a day, 3 minutes per, during lights on.

Drippers won’t work with most submersible pumps-not enough pressure. I used 1/4" hose barb valves on the end of my lines to regulate liquid.

Plants will uptake differently between plants and on different days. Plan accordingly. Shallow plant saucers might allow a bit of flexibility as a bit of runoff will be reabsorbed if any.


Plans on gorilla cookies auto and gelato auto. I have it set up to recirculate run off and also have 60L chiller

I always said if I was doing a grow like this I would get a Marine boat small pump. It should be able to theoretically handle any pump job you need. :+1:

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I’m using a 2 head manifold with 2 lines split into 4 1/4" lines looped at each pot with 3 drippers per pot. I’ve made a test run for functionality seems to work great drippers are adjustable. Wanting to run 18/6 light cycle. I was thinking 6 to 8 events a day with a 50/50 coco perlite mix? Is run off nessacery?