5 months old flowering

Today my plants make 5 months. I seeded them march 17. Im in new york weather is looking great. How do they look ? Wat can i do at this stage to better my crop ? Should i consider transferring them under the cannopy ? Any help is appreciated its the 3rd time getting to this stage 1st 2 times i messed up


Looking fantastic keep up the great work my friend


@Big123 any thoughts? OP is in New York.

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They look great…im NY and its been mostly rain with a few days of sun in between weeks


Sensational!!! :star_struck:


Looking good!


Very cool gardening.

Have you sprayed anything on them since flowering started?

I would spray BT for caterpillars around week 5. It’s best to start doing it a month or so before flower. Not advisable to spray weeks 2-5 of flowering.

Have you hit them with Potassium (K) or more Phosphorus since flowering started?

How many hours of direct sunlight do they receive?

1/2 strength on fertilizer less is more.

What happened last grow (s)?

I have seen great results spraying PureCrop1 along with BT :evergreen_tree:

Lookin good man. I put mine out in 2nd wk of april. Got lucky n missed 2 frosts by couple degrees. Unknown strains. One started to bud 2nd wk of may. Its now 9’8" monster of massive nugs. Nver had any strain do this. Its sativa dominant cross of some kind. Maybe a biddy early but idk. Keeep up the great job growing bro

I put mine out day after memorial day grew in tent 20 days prior

Having a time with spider mites

Last year i had great big nugs then weather got rainy i transferred them feom outside inro garage they all caught mold

I didnt know about that damn they have been flowering for 5 weeks already wat can i do to prevent this feom happening at this point ?

How much direct sunlight do they receive?

Buy the smallest bottle of PureCrop1 and BT
Lowest price likely on Amazon.

The PureCrop1 will help with the mold, lowering humidity would help if or when you move them inside.

Sunrise is like 6am sunset like 740

Same in Maine this year!!!