48 hrs light before harvest?

Hey everyone so I’m about to harvest only 2nd grow so still learning, came across this on you tube from Mr. Grow it and Dr. Bruce Bungie the guy from Utah, the mad scientist behind all cannibas related things. Short video, watch but Doctors says that no science in 48 hrs darkness before chop. Terpeans and tricomes need light to produce resin so by actual turning light off you are not letting your plant get to it potential ? Please watch link if can and see what you think


The same thing in a sense. Terpines are contained within trichomes (as well as all of the other cannabiniods such as THC, CBD, CBN, CBG,…)

Great video. Thanks for posting.


Thanks still learning, but in your opinion cause I know you know what your talking about, Do you do 48 dark before chop ? Sorry not trying to be nosy more curious now then ever after watching the video, thanks

The 48 hour of darkness is bs. Without lights the trichomes should not develop. And no one dries marijuana in total light. So all you are doing is adding two days to the drying time. I see nothing that indicates otherwise.

So I do not do a 48 hour darkness before drying. This has been covered a million times since I joined Sept 23rd, 2019. :+1::+1::+1:


Amazingly, I do believe some people are smarter than me. Saw the video last week. Many more available to view when the ladies are in quarantine for NIGHT TIME LOCK-UP.
Happily, it supports my desired gazing hours.

@DEEPDIVERDAVE ….some??? :thinking:


I love the mad scientist!! What I gathered, is dropping the temperature around harvest with same light schedule would do more to boost terps. Once I get a few grows in. I’m going to try a 60F temp the last week. And I think where folks lose the quality in their buds is their drying and curing process. I’m about three weeks away. And I’m shooting for 60F with 60% humidity.


No on 48 hr. darkness.

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Right! He (Dr. B.) did say “BUT”; If darkness caused cooling temps then maybe we get some positive momentum. This seems to support ice water finishing before chop. I’ve no pre and post ice watering tests, just post and got over 21% so won’t hurt…I guess.

I think I’m going to try and put an ice pack around the stem for the last week.

Very Cool!

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