48 hours of darkness before harvest

Can you explain the bud wash process?


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Jorge here has a really great video on it! :+1:


I’ve not washed my buds ever, but have heard about it. Would it wash the crystals off? I will watch the video. Sounds interesting :sunflower::blush:



Thank you so much:) You totally made my day.

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The only reason to give the plant some period of darkness before the harvest is to prevent the most volatile terpenes from boiling off. I think it’s always a good idea to give the plant at least a normal 12 hour light’s off period before the harvest. Up to 72 hours shouldn’t hurt anything, and maybe the plant will even respond positively to the stress, but that seems unlikely. It can’t hurt.

If the plant’s somehow break down chloroplasts during a 48 hour dark period, that’s news to me. I’d love to see some research on that.

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I agree keystone :+1: I only give my plants 24 hour dark before harvest and at least with my system It’s a noticeable difference, but i also notice the difference from walking in at lights on in my grow space vs lights out definitely seems a lot more potent in the morning


All I can say, this is a heart breaking thread. This plant ain’t gonna be good with that bro. Terrible the way you treat your plants. Shame on all of you.

Shame on you! Treat it nicer.

I know this is an old topic but wanted to ask this group a question… With regards to the forty eight hours… Generally I look for about 25% Amber before chopping. Does the same rule apply if you’re doing the 48 hours? Or should i start darkness when fewer are amber to allow that extra 2 days of maturity? Part B. How does watering fit into the 48 hour plan as well?

One of the most challenging aspects of growing marijuana is determining when to harvest the plants. The 48 hours of darkness is unfortunately an urban myth (for now), since there is no science to back up these claims.

What we do know, is that harvesting too early can result in low potency and weak effects, whereas harvesting too late can lead to a harsh taste and an overly sedative high.