Time to harvest this gal?

Is this girl ready to harvest? Should I flush first and let her sit? I did just feed the trio on Friday.

@Hellraiser @oldmarine @Indicanna_Jones


Looks safe to harvest yup.


Yummy. Looks great @NYDon! If you like the effects you’d receive, chop her!


Id flush for a week then chop


Same here.


Thanks yall!

Do you guys do the 48 hours of darkness before harvest?

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Yes, I do it when I can but don’t really worry about it if I can’t do it for some reason.


Do you always do a bud wash?

On outdoor grows I always do a bud wash. For indoor grows I only wash if I had to spray for anything during flowering, like pests or powdery mildew, which is very rare for me.

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Doing a 48 hour darkness is redundant. Because you will be drying in a dark place for at least 7 days. Think about this for a hot minute.

I don’t know any grower that dries a plant in a room lit up. Just saying.

Yes, it’s worth the time and effort.

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Man wish I could get pics like that. Can anyone help me out please? Was wondering my plant was ready to harvest.

Only like 40 $ get awesome pics, to make sure what you are looking at

Big difference and that not even 100% zoomed in, definitely worth it

Hey so don’t mean to just hop in but, I’n your opinion 48 darkness before chop is good ? Newbie tell by pic above getting close to chop myself just curious , thanks

I don’t do it, and I don’t think there’s any benefit to it, but like everything, there’s people that swear by it. Kind of like the great flush debate that never ends.

Spend a little more if you can and buy one with auto focus or at least one you can focus with the app… the microscope does work well, but it can be a PITA getting it to focus. Especially if you are taking multiple pictures from different sites.

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Time to harvest?