4 Photos A Couple Autos And A Plan

Hey this looks brilliant! Keen to tag along to watch and learn! It’s reassuring really to see the size of your 2 week old Autos. 3 of my 4 are around the same size at roughly the same age. My 4th one (Amnesia Haze) is still struggling so I’ve thrown another seed into water this morning - I don’t think her sisters will be too far ahead to worry about? I think I keep seeing pics of people’s plants and they’re huge compared to mine but then I remember I’m growing Autos lol.

Can I ask though about putting your Autos into Solo cups to begin with? First time I went the Peat Pots route and that’s obviously not good, so this time I had planned on soaking in water, then into wet paper towel, and then straight into her big-girl pot because I’ve read that transplanting Autos isn’t a goot practice.

Sorry to hijack your thread, I’m just really trying to improve my methods as I go :purple_heart:


Yes please follow along. You are not hijacking anything. All conversations are welcome. The 4 photos in this journal are the first time I did not use solo cups. I wanted to see how they did without. I think I prefer the solo cups. And as far as transplanting I use Mykos when I transplant and I have never noticed any shock or slowing of growth at transplant. The Mykos really gives the roots a kick start on growth in the bags. I always feel the same way about the size of my plants. My first 4 autos looked more like Bonsai plants size wise. So far you are doing fine. The small one might surprise you. It seems like the smallest at first ends up being the biggest in the end. I will be watching your journal too. Growing is so much fun for me. I never thought I would get into it as much as I have. :beers: :beers:


So I’ll answer your question @anon33684698 as I’ve got experience growing and lots of research knowledge.

The preferred method of planting autos is from germination quickly into final pot, tap roots grow down fast and easy hit a solo cups bottom before filling the cup up with more roots.
You can transplant autos but it’s not recommended because it limits their time to establish roots in the final pot.
It could stunt them if you are rough with them or two slow transplanting, this will be more likely in soil due to slower growth rates in soil, although most growers will have to grow quite a few before they realize the difference depending on all the variables.

Photos we generally let veg longer a as they also grow a bit slower, by potting up once or even twice this ensures a solid root structure that fills the whole container.
Although when transplanting many don’t transplant the plant deep enough so see below, this again is ideal for photos because we can veg them longer.



Nice grow you have there @OldTimeRockAndGrow
Have you thought about adding a mulch layer and some clover seeds to the big pots? I use straw and old cannabis leaves to cover the soil and help feed the soil life which helps feed the plants.
Also helps with keeping the top of soil moist and after all water is essential for life so I spray the top of soil almost daily to keep it moist to keep the critters happy like what you’ll be introducing when watering with your tea.
Just a thought

Whole soil does need to stay moist enough to keep life teaming from what I’ve read the breakdown of most organics takes so long most cannabis won’t get the benefit by the time the breakdown happens.
Also when plants are young you want the soil to dry out a bit as it encourages root stretch, there is no point for the roots to search and stretch for more water if the soil at the top is moist.

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Sure they do…the roots do what they do and expand the base to better find nutrients and all.
I should have added that I also besides keeping the top soil moist with proper amount based on size of pot and plant that I also bottom water especially then they are seedlings…that wicks up and helps gets the roots down…

The natural nutrients applied like kelp and Neam meals and oyster shell powder etc all have plenty of time to get digested by the critters in the soil along with the mulch on the top. I have to keep adding old leaves etc to keep the top covered because it’s being broken down continuously. Also any remaining nutrients or mulch keeps getting broken down after the chop as long as you keep it moist just like compost pile and that’s where no till and multiple runs using the same soil comes into play.
I mist the top soil almost daily to keep the critters thriving.

Just my experience so far your mileage may vary and I’m constantly adjusting things as I go so who knows what’s next

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I agree that Mykos definitely make a difference and I also agree bottom watering is the bomb.
As for how long it takes to break down organics until the plant can actually use them I don’t know exactly and all will be different depending in a slew of variables but its time consuming.
You have no till soil so that’s working into your advantage that the stuff your tossing in now may very well be feeding your next growth cylce after it sits in the compost heap. Again results will vary.

To much mosture is a thing and a proper dry wet cycle is ideal as it pushes the plant to stretch, we as growers are always wanting to push our plants the hardest we can to make them produce as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. If this wasn’t the case then we would just grow in soggy soil right. I mean I could be completely wrong I’m no scientist nor botanical graduate but I’ve done my fair share of reading and research as have you @Skydiver.

Anyways here is a picture of my roots growing through the pot on the right, this pot was not as good as mine are now but it’s the only pic I have lol.


We both got it growing on…haha
Nice root system…never see mine anymore as I chop and leave the rest in the pot for food for the soil critters and all.
Yep depending on natural nutrients used and solubility of them as to how fast or slow they become bio available to the plant/roots. It might take a week or so for say Neam meal or kelp to be consumed by the critters and transported down to the roots via leaching when watering etc.

Tropical rain forest is always moist and decaying feeding the plants. I read awhile back that the rain Forrest soil isn’t that deep and has a lot of clay but what keeps it so lush is all the compost and critters.
I guess what I try to do just like RH in air is to keep the soil profile moist but not saturated except when I water. It dries somewhat between waterings but I don’t have a dry top especially using mulch otherwise the critters die or hibernate and slows the process of them breaking down the food.

I don’t push them for fast turnaround etc just let them do their thing.
I guess everyone has their own goals but I’ve got so much Jared and growing I would need to stop for a couple years or more but just can’t because it’s so rewarding playing in the dirt and truly believe that the critters that get under my finger nails helped me heal from my Dis-Ease and continue to keep me healthy.


Very good info Nicky. As usual makes a lot of sense. @anon33684698 Nicky has helped me out a ton on my grows. He has never steered me wrong and his grows are amazing. I need to read this post a few times and make it stick in my brain. Sorry it took so long to respond to this but work has been insane this week.


Hey Skydiver. I have thought about adding mulch. Possibly rice hulls. I am still pretty new at this and trying to find what works best for me. So far I really like the new soil I am using. I might try to get something for 2 of the plants and see how it goes. As always I appreciate your thoughts.

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I think the plants are loving the soil as well. I have had to put in a couple of long days in a row and I have not been in the tent much since I updated Wednesday. So after work I went in and the Bruce Banner is going ape sh!t. I don’t think I have had a plant grow this fast yet. Here are 2 pictures one taken Wednesday after work and one today(Friday) after work.


Hey thanks @nicky and @OldTimeRockAndGrow I have just put my 5th germinated seed with probably around 1cm root straight into her big girl pot this morning. I bought some vermiculite too and put around 20% of total pot volume into the potting mix I use. I watered the soil lightly with the mist setting on the garden hose, and also put a dab of rooting gel inside the little hole before dropping little seedy in there and very very lightly covered her up. I also cut a 2L coke bottle into a dome for her, so we shall see how we go. I have a good feeling about this one so finger crossed! My new big light arrives next week so I’m super keen to see how it goes. Then I’ll have to bug everyone about what setting to use etc :joy:

Question about the bottom watering though guys. At this stage I’m still using plastic pots with a tray at the bottom,so I guess it wouldn’t be quite as effective as with cloth pots, but I’m going to give it a go anyway. At what age/size do you start doing it? Please and thankyou :pray:


That’s exciting @OldTimeRockAndGrow! I’ve heard The Hulk lives up to his name!

This week has been crazy. But I took a few minutes and snapped some pics of the plants. I will give a more detailed update next week. Things will be calmed down for me by then. Been a good week for the plants. Growing like weeds. Here they are.

Here is the Acapulco Gold. It is a week to 10 days behind her sisters.

This is the Bruce Banner. It is fun to watch her grow daily. This plant has the most explosive growth I have had so far.

This is the Jilly Bean.

And the Green Crack. All doing great so far.

The young ones are growing pretty quick also. I am planning on transplanting into 5 gallon bags on Friday.

I hope everyone is doing well. Have a good one. Keep it green and growing. :beers: :beers:


:100: :100: :heart: :heart: they look beautiful.

Wait until the plants leafs hit the edge before bottom feeding.
You sound like your taking good steps to make sure your successful.

@OldTimeRockAndGrow thank you my friend =)
And it’s time to pot up those solo cups.

Feel free to tag me with @ Nicky if you have any questions.

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Thanks. I popped into your journal for a minute. Looks like you are going to be busy.

You know I will tag you if needed. I am crazy busy at work right now. I might be able to pot up tomorrow but if not Friday for sure.


Hey @Skydiver you got me thinking on this one. So I have some composted mulch on the way from build-a-soil. And the bottom watering is intriguing. So I am guessing about 1/2 gallon maybe less when they are vegging and you just pour it in the tray with the bag sitting right in it? Do you let it soak up for a predetermined amount of time? And then drain what is left and put the stand back in? I have been thinking about Auto-Pots but this would be good to try out and see what happens. So I guess to make this long story short, any advice? Oh and I am going to hold off on the cover crop for now. (baby steps). And thanks.

So I finally had a little free time this morning and I got the autos put in 5 gallon bags. This is my first try with nutrients and regular soil. I am actually excited about it. I will be using Zen Products nutes. It is a company from here in Michigan and he hooked me up with a bunch of samples. They just came out with the UNO product. That is the base and I will be adding their Strength, Cal MAGnon, O’Calm Down, and Molasish during veg and add Candy Man and Big Bhang Bloom during flower.

I feel like I am going to the dark side with nutrients. :rofl: :rofl: Wish me luck.