4 Photos A Couple Autos And A Plan

This is my third grow. So far I have started 6 autos and 1 photo. 5 of the autos and the photo have been harvested. The 6th auto has a couple weeks or so to go. Those were my first 2 grows ever. So I was winging it and learning as I went along. I have learned a ton and gotten some great advice from a bunch of great growers on this forum. You all have really pulled me through. So I have taken what I have learned and come up with a plan for this grow. 6 plants will keep my pretty busy. So here is my support ticket:
• What strain, All seeds are from Canna Genetics Bank. The strains are Barney’s Farm Acapulco Gold, Humbolt Green Crack Fast, Canna Genetics Bruce Banner Fast, and Canna Genetics Jilly Bean. These are photos. I got some Canna Genetics Girl Scout Cookies Auto seeds free and I have dropped 2 of them.
• Method: The photos are all in Detroit Nutrient Company Great Lakes Water Only Soil.
• Vessels:All are in 5 gallon cloth bags except the Jilly Bean, it is in a 7 gallon bag.
• PH of Water, Solution, runoff n/a so far
• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution n/a so far
• Indoor
• Light system I have 2 Budget LED v3+ redspec 250w lights.
• Temps; Day around 75 night about 70
• Humidity; Day, Night Both have been around 50-60%
• Ventilation system; Yes, 6 inch AC Infinity fan and carbon filter
• So far just a dehumidifier
• Co2; Yes, Exhale 365 bag
I will put some pics of the plants in next post.

The 4 photos have been above ground for between 4-7 days. So far so good.

Here is the Acapulco Gold plant. The first seed did not sprout so I dropped a second one. This was the first seed that failed to sprout for me so far. It is making up ground so far and looking good.

Here is the Green Crack. So far so good.

Here is the Jilly Bean.

Here is the Bruce Banner. It popped through first and has been strong since it came up.
I am real excited about this grow. Hopefully the strains are good. These will be water only with no nutrients added. In about 2 weeks I will give them an inoculation tea. And I will be making flower tea when I flip lights and at two weeks of flowering. So far all of my grows have been with living or super soil. I really like the flavor and smoothness of what I have grown so far. As far as the autos go, they just went into solo cups this evening. With them I have decided to give soil and nutrients a try. I watched a product launch on an Instagram live and asked the owner a couple questions and he sent me some samples and a T-shirt. So I thought I should give them a try. And I have been curious about using nutrients and wanted to try to see what I think. Once they sprout I will detail what they are getting. Oh yeah and for the first time I will be topping a couple of the photos to see what that gives me. I am still working on what works the best for me and I really like to try new things. So this grow should be a bunch of fun. Stay high and keep it green. :beers:


Oh yeah one last thing. Next round I will be growing some ILGM plants. I was the grand prize winner in a contest and got $150.00 in seeds and $100.00 in merchandise. So now I need to figure out what strains to get.


Hi @OldTimeRockAndGrow!

I’m excited to watch this! Mind if I tag along?

CJ. :v:

Please tag along. I am going to do my best to be as detailed as possible throughout the entire grow. It is going to be fun for sure.

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@registereduser @Nicky @repins12 @Covertgrower @Chasworks @NugFlush @Skydiver @Capt.Cola @pptrsha1 You all have helped me out/ hung out on past journals or in yours.First off thanks for all your suppport. I have been kind of AWOL from the site for a bit here. I have some catching up to do. But if you are interested this is my latest grow. I am real excited to take all I have learned and use it to implement a plan for this grow. I have 6 plants started in the last couple weeks or so. My most ambitious grow to date. I am trying some new things this time around. I am going to do my best to be as detailed as possible on how I am doing things. My first weekly update will follow this post.


Here is my first weekly update. The 4 photos are doing good so far. This is the first time I did not use solo cups for the seedlings. They went straight into the pots. 2 of them came through the dirt with the seeds still attached. (I think they call it a helmet). I was able to get them off with no issues. The first Acapulco Gold plant did not sprout. This is a first for me. So I dropped another and it did sprout. My plan with the photos is to go water only with an inoculation tea in about 2 weeks. And then a flower tea when I flip the lights and at 2 weeks in. I will put the recipes in when I brew them. At about 4 weeks they will get a epsom salt foliar spray. I think I finally have the watering process down now. Living soil is a different beast to water. The only thing I have done so far is add some Mycos WP to some water I gave them Monday. Here are the pics for the week.

This is the Acapulco Gold plant. I grew one of these on my last grow. It did great until the end when some deficiencies showed up but I got 3.9 oz off it and it is the best smoke I have had in a while. Everyone I gave a sample to wants more. I am really hoping to keep this one strong until the end.

This is the Bruce Banner fast flowering plant. It was the first one to sprout and is growing fast. This is my first time growing this strain.

This is a Green Crack Fast flowering plant. Also my first time growing it. It is from the Humbolt company. The family requested this strain.

This is a Jilly Bean plant. Also my first time growing the strain. One of the first podcasts I listened to had a show dedicated to SubCool and they talked about this strain. I said right then I wanted to grow it. I am very excited about this one. The seed bank description says it is a heavy hitter and expect up around 9oz per plant.

Next up I have 2 autos. They were freebie seeds with my last 2 purchases. These will be grown in FF Happy Frog soil. This will also be my first bout with nutrients. I got some samples from a company here in Michigan called Zen Products. Last week they released a new product called UNO. It is supposed to be the only thing you need from seed to harvest. That is how they market it any how. I also got Candy Man which is a terpine booster and Big Bhang Bloom which is a flower booster. And in the feed schedule they also have CalMagon, Strength, OCalm Down and a couple others that are good to supplement the UNO with. So I am going to do my best to see how this stuff works. Most importantly I want to see what it does to the taste and smoothness. What I have grown organically so far has been great. But I want to give soil and nutes a try. One sprouted yesterday and the other today. I went with Solo cups for them again. Here they are.

This one sprouted yesterday.

And this one today.
Hope you are all doing well. Stay lit and stay green. :beers:


Excited for you man.
Will be lurking!

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Sounds and loojing good.
How old is that Bruce banner? Definitely seems to be winning the race

It is 19 days. It was through the ground less than 24 hours in the dirt. It is 3 days ahead of the Jilly Bean.

Okay good lol because I thought that was only like 8 days I was gonna say dang!

I’m tuned to watching brother. Thanks for the tag :+1: :v:

Takes me back to the 70’s. May I asked where you got it? Same breeder as earlier one?

The breeder is Barney’s Farm. I got them from Canna Genetics Bank.


And yes it is the same breeder.

Thanks for the tag bro! I’ll be watching. Bruce banner is on the list for my next grow as well. Have heard all good things about it. 9 zips is definitely achievable and maybe you could get more out of it. What strains are your autos?

Girl scout cookies.

Time for the weekly update. It has been a good week for the girls. They are growing nicely. A quick recap. The 4 photos are all in Detroit Nutrient Company Great Lakes Water Only soil. And so far they have had water only. I am thinking in about a week I will brew up a batch of inoculation tea for them. I will mix 2 cups of worm castings and 2 tablespoons of organic unsulfered black strap molasses in 4 1/2 gallons of water and use an air pump and 6 air stones and let it bubble for 24 hours and water the plants with the tea. It should help the roots expand and get the microbes working good in the soil. I added some soil to 3 of the bags and the plants were a little leggy and starting to lean slightly. Here are the photos for the week.

This is the Acapulco Gold plant. This strain is my favorite that I have grown so far. Excellent fruity taste and the buzz is great.

This is the Bruce Banner plant. So far it is acting it’s name. It is very hulk like so far. All the plants sprouted within 5-7 days of each other. This one has been big since about day 3. We will see if the others can catch up to her.

This is the Jilly Bean. She is in a 7 gallon pot. It is supposed to be a big plant so I put her in a bigger bag.

This is the Green Crack plant. So far so good. I am excited to do 4 photos. I am hoping to top a couple of them and see what the results are. I do plan on taking a few clones this batch also. So this will be a good learning curve for me.

So now on to the autos. I have 2 Girl Scout Cookies autos in solo cups. They are about 2 weeks from transplanting into 5 gallon bags. They are and will be in Fox Farms Happy Frog soil. I am using some Zen Product nutrients with them. This is my first try at soil and nutrients. I will be using the Zen Uno base nutrient. It will be suplemented with Zen Molasish, Zen Strength, Zen CAL Magnon, and is the second half of flowering I will add Zen Candy Man and Zen Big Bhang Bloom. It will be fun to try these out. Here is their pics for the week.

This is going to be a fun grow. Stay green and happy growing. :beers:


@anon33684698 @Naptown Here is my current journal if you are interested.


Looking good, for sure, brother :+1:t4: :tumbler_glass: :v:t4: