4 and half weeks in… now we have a tent

So I didn’t fully realize what I was getting myself into here. Bought some Super Lemon Haze Auto flower seeds because they were sativa, high THC and high yeild. Pretty much threw em in a pot and said fuck it lets see what happens. Put one in a really small pot and the other in about a 4 gal. yesterday was about 4.5 weeks in an now I have this crazy ass tent setup. Looks like I have to get a fan inside the tent and then im just about good.

Any idea how much these might produce?

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Welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1:


Welcome to the community.

Watch the water on the leaves or you will have burn marks.

ahhh thank you! Im guessing thats what I am seeing on that one leaf?

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Are you spraying your plants?

Negative. I have just been watering the dirt, but the past 2 days I just watered all over them. Should I be spraying them with water as well?

No I was just wondering some new growers spray there plants and wonder why they have spots on there leaves.

Gotcha. Thanks for looking out!

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Your welcome any time.

Looking good I think! Just some brown on the leaves.