4/5 week flowering plant yellowing progression too progressive

Not sure of strain. Son’s bag seed origin.
It’s at the 4 or 5th week of flowering with no change in the yellowing of leaves. First yellowing of veins and the the leaves themselves.
Problems: I transitioned over to blossoming booster at first week of flowering. Too soon.
The pot is probably way too small for its size but too late to transfer. Thus it’s most likely root bound.
Last week i gave it a 1/2 dose of Fox Farm grow big along with some Easy Weed seaweed but no change so far with newer growth.
My thoughts are to add some epsom salts and Peroxide to my next watering.
Strickly rain water for moisture and PH seems fine according to inexpensive moisture/light/PH probe.
I was concerned about overwatering but doesn’t follow all symptoms.

I’d appreciate your incite, many thanks. Below some images.
Be well,

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looks like those buds have a ways to go yet. Next watering id feed it. Pluck those leaves off and keep an eye on it. Looks like mostly older growth/larger fan leaves, could just be the natural progression of the plant.
Sounds like you are using a prove type meter to check ph. If so those are not accurate st all. Ride this one out to the end but I’d invest in a better meter.

I have jack classic 20:20:20, jacks Bloom Booster 10:30:20 and Fox Farm Big Grow 6:4:4 along with Easy Weed 1:2:18. I was also considering Epsom Salts an or Peroxide to combat other issues.
I don’t think of plucking leaves cause they are still a source of energy.
What do you suggest for her next feeding?
Thanks guys.