3rd Organic Grow // Mix of Autos and Photos

Hello All! Welcome to my third grown journal. Thank you to everyone who has been helping me out on here, you all rock! :call_me_hand:t3::heart:

Seed Germination: Took some advise from fellow forum friend and did 6oz water 1/2oz hydrogen peroxide, placed seeds in a solo cup with water mixture and closed it off. Placed inside my cupboard. After 12 hours transferred seeds to wet paper towel and zip lock bag, placed in cupboard.

Growing: 2 Blueberry Autos // 3 FML Speed Bud Autos // 3 Strawberry Banana Grape Photos

Light: 2 Rapid LED’s Chilled Logic 2’X4’ Grow Fixtures
-V3 Pucks
-Wattage Draw: 300W from LEDs
-LEDs: Top Bin Samsung LM301B
-Driver: Mean Well HLG-320H-C21000B

Carbon Filter: G Hydro 6inch
Fan: DuraBreeze CMF 390
Soil: Roots Organic Soil
Nutes: MEIGS (local Ohio organic nutes)
Tent: Highdrogro 4x4x7

Tagging some people who might want to follow along:
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I’ll be watching, that Strawberry Banana Grape could be amazing if the name is accurate!! Good luck


Fingers crossed! I already have one that is in veg looks to be doing well so far! First time growing it :crossed_fingers:t3:


I’m set to watch, thanks for the tag. :v::green_heart:


thanks for the tag, good luck as well. it gets lots easier after a couple grows.

@Mirandalilian thanks for the tag lady!! Nice strains!! Set to watch!! I hope all is well with you and the family!

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I will be watching good luck

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You know I’m in, thanks for the tag! The way you’re churning these journals out, I’m gonna have to do at least one!

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I’m set to watching and I am definitely gonna be tagging along. Sorry for being late to the party. Things have been a little hectic here lately :v:t2:

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I will be watching too! Having a couple of questions: The nutes are liquid or dried? What about the pot sizes?


Watching too im doing my 1st grow right now pure dry nute organic grow(except the molasses) my 3rd grow will be a liquid organic grow with NFTG nutes but I’d love to see your method

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Cool! Can you share the NPK ratio of your dried nutes and how many tbsp are you using for veg and flowering?

Me ?started with 1/3 compost 1/3 peat moss 1/3 perlite 2 tablespoons 444 started seeing nitrogen deficiency so I overdid it and threw 8 Tbsp 444 4 Tbsp bloodmeal 4 Tbsp 484 didn’t burn my girls but definitely got nitrogen toxicity on 2/3 girls im waiting till flower to give them any more . At 3 weeks I started a Jack herer started with 2 Tbsp each 444 and blood meal and mykos . Week 3 i gave 4Tbsp 444 2 Tbsp each bloodmeal and 484 so far doin great , I’m also adding 1/4tsp of molasses per gallon of water to feed the microbes.


Your feeding regime is similar to mine;
I am growing a Big Bud Auto, started in 6 gal pot with 65% peat 25% perlite 5% Coco and 1lbs of humus 2-0-2 and a couple of tbsp of dried chicken manure 2-1-2. She did extremely well in the Veg 3.5 weeks. I top dressed with 25 tbsp of Humus, 3 tbsp chicken manure, 2 tbsp of Bone meal and adding molasses to watering when I saw signs of flowering.
Would love to hear the ratios of @Mirandalilian


Are the DTE fertilizers you are referring to?

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Yuppers the bloodmeal is burpees but they’re both 12-0-0 I just forgot to buy it and picked up what was local (i wanted seabird guano instead of getting 484 but they refused to ship it probably cause it’s pure fecal matter lol)


For meigs I purchase the og kit online it comes with liquid and dry material. You follow the weekly chart to know how much of what to put into the water each week. Super easy and honestly with it being organic it’s pretty hard to mess up and harm the plants. I utilize 5 gallon pots right after the solo cup method for germ/veg stage. Hope this helps!

Honestly for my soil mixture I use roots organic and then wait a week after germination and start utilizing meigs grow chart which I will post below. My autos I’ve been growing don’t really need to have to much attention on them. I will post photos of my current autos that are probably 2 weeks ahead of schedule and looking fabulous!!! I try not to fuss with autos much since it can really mess up their natural grow process. Keep it super simple.

I also have an Instagram account if you want to follow along and see my set up it’s - ivegottagrowpakalolo it has my tent set up and you can follow along through my grow process/photos

Here is the chart:

Here are some of my current blueberry autos from my previous organic grow journal

These autos are at about 10 weeks, I’ll be harvesting them the next couple of days. That’s why I’m starting all these new seeds :slight_smile:


Look familiar. They could be twins. These are a couple of my BB autos


These look great! Where do you order your seeds from?