3rd harvest - Question: How do I dry/cure the Trim

Question: How do I dry and cure the Trim…

Background… My 3rd harvest is done… my medicine cabinet has already surpassed the 1 pound point from the first two harvests and is looking fine…

On the second harvest, I wet trimmed, and had several ounces of trim. I put it in a cooler, rotated and stirred it every day, but eventually after over a month of diligence, I forgot for a few days, and then just got out of the routine, so the whole batch started to smell nasty… had to toss it. Looking back, I did not actually put it all through a drying phase… just hoped it would dry by being aerated and turned regularly… failed… Now on my 3rd harvest I have probably 3-4 oz by eyeballing the volume, of wet trim. I have the 3 separate strains of trim (Bangi Haze, Hash Passion and UK Cheese) on separate trays that are in the same small room I use for drying. The trim is feeling dry after 2 days… how do I proceed? Do I keep the Trim with the hanging buds for the next week or put the trim into jars to start curing? I’m not interested in making oils, edibles, hash, etc… I’m just too busy. I’d simply like to save the trim for personal smoking (p.s. there are no fan leaves, but several dozen popcorn buds I mixed into the trim so the end result should be an ok smoke I think). Advice please? Thanks


Toss the trimmings in a paper bag. After a month they should be dry to use for what ever purpose. I dry ice sifted mine with a 220 micron bubble bag and got over an ounce of very high concentration keif.

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Give this a go :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

Read the full article here… :arrow_left:

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What amount of trim did you start with?

Didn’t measure the weight but it was all of the popcorn and sugar from 2 gold leaf plants. Took me all of 15 minutes to collect. No wet mess.

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That sounds like a quick solution maybe I’ll give that a try thanks

Got the “220 Micron All Mesh Extraction Bag” from flea bay user 2012bubblebowl for $10. Worked great. put in all my dried leaves and 3 lbs of dry ice and let it sit for a couple of minutes in a cooler. Then just sifted back an forth. Collected three times over a dark table until it started getting partially green. Was amazed how easy it was.

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I do this also off of 4 plants I have over 45 grams of kief plus what I smoked while making it. Nice to just load a whole bowl of kief and not care lol. Using a 150 micron shitshaker/hashmaker.