3gallon smart pot

I am about to transplant and just wondering what you guys recommend how much to water my plant when I transplant?
Also should I use light nutes or no nutes?
I am transplanting into 3 gallon cloth pots.
Thank you

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water until about 20% runoff is what I do when I transplant usually. I also wait to transplant until my soil is dry.

Should I use any nutrients?
Or none at all?
Thank you

Depends on the soil your gonna use. Something like fox farm already has lots of nutrients in the soil, so your good for a few weeks.

When you do plan on using nutrients, best to start with 1/4 - 1/2 recommend dose see how they respond

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I’m using fox farm
Should I wait about 2 weeks or just 1?

Probably 3 plus weeks, best to keep an eye on the leaves, nice and green no nutrients, green starting to fade and turn yellow time for nutrients. I’d also get a bottle of calmag and add to every watering, even when not feeding nutrients. If you have a tds meter you can check runoff and judge when to add nutrients, but the plant will let you know. Make sure you got a ph meter, ph your water to 6.5, add calmag, then your nutrients before you ph.

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Hey Dave
Quick question
With a TDS meter when you check run off water at what reading do I want to add nutrients?
Thank you