3 failures, help please

I have had a bad year this year, 3 failures.
Two seeds died after being placed in the soil while just breaking the soil. One plant grew but had terrible results.
self diagnosis leads to the seeds. I can only grow one plant at a time. I got seeds 3 years ago from ILGM. They all develop a tail root before planting. They just don’t have enough strength to continue. Are the seeds too old. How long are seeds good for?

photos below.
Can I save this one, it still has a little green under the helmet and on the stem?
Placed in Fox Farm soil with no nutes. Gently sprayed with ph 6.0 water and has a dome on it. Light 30 in. at 30%. Temp is 72 with 60% rh.


Seeds should remain viable 3 years out. Overwatering is the most common cause of seedling loss. How much are you watering? Seedlings only need a few ml of water per day. If using a dome it’s best to not water the soil at all.


Overwatering and insufficient light.

Seed in distilled water with a half teaspoon of peroxide. Temps around 78F.

Solo cup with a gazillion holes poked in it. Seed starting medium or straight coco. Slightly dampen medium (I moisten then squeeze out excess with my fist) then place germinated seed in the medium with a clear dome over the top. 24/0 light schedule and temps around 78F.