3/6 seeds didnt' germinate

I bought 5 og kush seeds and 1 gorilla fem was added to the order for free.
so far, 3 of the 6 seeds have no germinated. any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong. I wait for the taproot then plant them in soaked rock wool with great white powder in the transplant hole but a week later nothing happened.

I’m question the quality of the seeds?

May have damped off possibly rockwool holds a lot of water gotta keep a close eye on that don’t want them dripping wet… have you dug around see if you can get a look at what’s going on coul be stuck somehow in the rockwool… if you germed properly and saw a tap root before planting then the seeds were good and would have grown so it must be user error

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@mylestrades I have pretty much bought most of my seeds @ ILGM. This season was my first grow, 35 seeds soaked 32 germinated. Just dropped 5 og kush couple weeks ago, only 1 germinated. Bad batch maybe???
ILGM did make good on it though and already got my replacements.

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I seen the tap root on both of them.
does that mean the rockwool environment wasn’t optimal?


More than likely ide imagine maybe someone else has an opinion and bow4abuck is right if you ever get seeds that don’t germinate or don’t show tap root they will replace them free of charge one of the great things about ILGM! But alls they can do is guarantee germination not growth! I use rockwool for my clones and after soak I shake them off really good then they get domed, I only mist the dome not the rockwool and don’t have to water until day 5-7 just depends ide imagine it’s about the same for starting seeds. You don’t want the Rockwell dripping soaked just moist and shouldn’t need water until they are really close to dry

Don’t grow in rockwool but I’d guess, if you saw tap root and they didn’t grow probably dampened off. You just want your seeds wet enough that they aren’t dry.

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I had some seeds fail in rock wool because I didn’t enlarge the hole so the shell could push past itself. The seed got stuck and never came up because the rock wool has no give to its structure. Just one more way for a seedling to fail.


I use rockwool, and i found that they need to be a little more than moist , but ive have better luck with a clear dome over them after you see the tail. The last ILGM seed i started

it had a killer tail. I did have it in clean bottle water in complete darkness for 3 days. So it might be the luck of the draw. Good luck.

I didnt let the tail get that long… do you plant the tail first.
it must be a few factors, maybe the rockwool was to wet, the tail wasnt long enough, any other ideas why its not producing a seedling?
I have 2 other seeds in a moist paper towel in a plastic container in a drawer in my night stand. i’ll let the tails get long and try re planting them.
I bought all the grow gear now I cant get a tail, whata bummer hey. lol
thanks everyone. @Onelow51

I’ve never had good luck with rockwool (rapid rooters) and believe it’s due to too much retained water in the media.

If you are going into something other than hydro, think about starting your seeds in a seed-starter media like peat or coco.

If you got tails they germinated. ILGM does have a germination guarantee but wouldn’t apply in your case.

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I live in Canada. ILGM cant ship to our region of the world.

I was planning on starting my seeds in rockwool but I got so many negative comments I never did. I have just went straight to final pot and my success rate is about 85 percent. And that’s from several different breeders.

Ive also been good with rockwool , with a small water pump (small 12volt) , with a mister , a small hole in the grow tray, that would drain into a 5 gallon bucket with the pump, and also sticking a air pump right under the wool, just the hose… that was amazing, the roots were hanging out of the wool after a week…

Sounds like u need some friends in the us to send you some mail. :shushing_face::wink:

I tried rock wool once and I failed because it was too wet. I went back to planting in soil and success rate is near 100%. I never let root get that long too easy to break off in my opinion.

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I got these tails this morning.
Im going to try drying the rockwool a little before planting the seed.

anyone try the perfect pH device?
its a total pain in the ass babysitting the pH level in my bubble bucket

Crop king?? Someone posted they ship to Canada

Yes i have one, i only check the PH once a week, And its spot on. I just picked up the recharge for it too. https://www.torushydro.com/

these are the 2 i got now. both OG kush. crop king is to expensive i go to xotic seeds in Brampton.

1 has a tiny root and the other hasnt sprouted yet but hopefully it comes soon. i had to dig the hole a little deeper cause the root was curled around the seed.

its coming…