2Waters First Grow

Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time grower… lol! But i have learned alot on the forums, so thought i document my grow here too.

Soaked 4 mac 1 seeds in coconut water last Saturday evening for 12 hours then dropped seeds Sunday morning in 5gal fabric pots in a living/supersoil. On Tuesday night #1 popped with helmet head.

On Wednesday morning i was surprised to see #2 and #3 following suit. Helmet head on thr bottom


Here they are, 11hrs away from being 1 week since starting to soak. I am watering lightly with diluted coconut water (i harvest from fresh green coconuts and poured it into an ice cube tray for single use)

I scratched the surface of #4 and found the dud, more than likely user error since im a noob, but hey 75% germination for first attempt, i’ll take that!


Hello and welcome :partying_face: good choice on grow bags, it’s nice to start with good gear :man_farmer: :tractor: happy growing!


Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your first grow! :partying_face:


@Twelve1 Thanks! Im excited!

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@Jaysittinback Thanks! Honestly, i am running all Amazon gear. My wife gave me a hard budget of $800 for everything. Hopefully it all works out well!

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I tried giving my wife a budget ONCE. We are still married and 41 years later we are still fine tuning it.

Check the height and intensity of the light. The plants are reaching for more light. You can add more soil to bury the stem.


@beardless All truth be told, im the one with spending issues, so her being tough on the budget is warranted🤣! Congrats on 41 years! We are going on 17, and I am still figuring how i got so lucky!

About the light, i was worried about the apparent stretch, so the morning I lowered the light. I used the photone app on android and it is reading from 280 to 287 across all 3. I’ll keep an eye on them. I have some extra supersoil, so I’ll have to bring it in and let it get up to temp. I appreciate the tips and advice, you might just opened a door for me to bug you though, lol!


Welcome to the Party :partying_face: :tada:


@Bulldognuts thanks, got tired of paying other people to grow a plant for me🤣


Absolutely :100: same here. I was going to just grow a couple plants at time in a 4x4. I currently have 2 4x8’s and a 4x4 tent going. 4 girls in flower and 13 clones and 12 more cuttings in CloneKing cloner.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Welcome to the community :v:


On top of things.
I like this chart from lumigrow. It covers quite a few important points


Love to tag along and watch your journey


@Bulldognuts sounds like a great setup. Eventually i want to get a mother tent and a drying tent so i can do a small perpetual run. I like to have variety, lol! I’d appreciate any advice as I go along

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@kellydans, thanks! Happy to be here!

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Love to have you along for the ride!

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I apologize for the delayed replies, newbie rules and I had to wait 24hrs😁. So, I filled in a little more soil this morning. Will be topping off as they grow since I have been informed I had alot of “wasted space’” lol! Overall, I’m just astonished that it was only a week ago that I planted the girls in the soil. Here’s how they look this morning




I appreciate the warm welcomes, I am sure I will be leaning on you all as I grow along!


By dream set up would probsbly to add (2) 2x2 tents, 1 as a mother and 1 for drying, but space doesn’t permit at the moment. Maybe once we move into a bigger place🤷‍♂️


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Thanks! :partying_face: