2nd journal, can I do it again?

Set to watch. :v:

Watching this one, thay girl was a monster!!! Very nice!!! :+1::+1:

The trick is to see of I can do it again

Yesterday afternoon nothing yet…wait, wait…this morning a slight change! She is above ground!!!+

It’s a great day in the neighborhood.


Does that look like a lot of growth in less than 24 hours. Lowered light for streatch.

ITS A GIRL!!!. Check out my NL grow Northern Lights Flower - 2nd Installment - SCROG - #6 by Hellraiser and Northern lights training continued - #13 by LAnewgrower.
I also did a step by step on the topping Northern Lights Second Topping Illustrated - #20 by LSGrow

Haven’t posted lately (not much happening). Roots starting to show a bit, got a little stretch, other than that she’s getting close to transplant. Got the Azos and Mykos out and ready . Set up and filled 7gal fabric pot with FFOF/perlite.


Another 3 days now what ya think?? Still too soon to transplant? Getting anxious! LOL.

Opinions apprieated.

You definitely could go ahead and transplant. But I believe you could go another week if need to for some reason.

More boredom than anything else. No “reason” involved I guess, just dont want to wait too long.

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yep - move em on up

Have added this to my regimen this grow. From what I’ve read some put in the water “phase” of the feed, water, feed cycle at about a teaspoon per gal. IS that correct? When should I start and for how long/often???

I water only, feed, water only. I started CaliMagic the 2nd week as a seedling. 50% rate as a preventative. Then every other week (skip it on a water only day). Got it up to 100 rate going into flower. Still every other water. I didn’t start nutrients until the first week of flower (day 61).

Did my transplant this morn. Used the Azos and Mykos on the root ball and hole.

I use FFOF too although I amend it with coco, compost, worm casting, perlite (will switch to vermiculite) and a few other things. Have not tried Azos. Curious how it does in OF. OF is quite nitrogen rich. Did you use OF in your first grow? Also interested in your approach toward training, pruning and veg time…The quest to repeat begins in earnest.

Get some other opinions on the vermiculite I’ve been told it’s not for canibus as it holds water. Used the mykos last grow and had quite an increase in root growth. Added the azos this grow. 4th grow, all in FFOF/perlite.

Dr Bruce Bugbee’s first choice is vermiculite. Perlite is 2nd choice. So based on his 30 years of growing hemp at Utah State his recommendation is well researched. FFOF all ready has perlite so rather than adding more I will add vermiculite instead for added aeration.

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A few days after transplant, no issues progressing as she should as far I can see.

Got her first big drink yesterday 1 gal to about I pint of runoff.


Courious if it is comming close to topping time?


Looks like you need another node. I am seeing 4? How many colas are you wanting?