2nd journal, can I do it again?

2x4x5 tent
Hlg 260xl v2
6" ac infinity exhust
2x 6" ocsolating pole mount fans
4" vivisun for forced air intake
FFOF added 20% perlite,mykos at transplant and germination.
FF treo,3 drys, cal/mag, sledgehammer.
7gal fabric square pots

Goal: Too do it again! See if I can repete last successfully grow!!!

Seeds: White Widow Extreme Feminized Photo.

Need: eyeballs,expieranced tell me what I’m missing as I dont know what I dont know! @MrPeat
Please add those you think might help.

Have dropped seed in short glass 6/10/20
Moved to paper towels on the 13th
Seed in soil today with a little mykos in the hole.
Photo to follow.


Love the setup :wink: Looking good. I’m set to watch :+1:

Thanks need the help in seeing issues as I’m still inexperienced but learning.

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Our setups are similar. Looks like you’ve got it going your way :+1: I used FFOF for this grow I currently have going. Didn’t have to feed until almost flower. I should have started my cal mag sooner though :man_facepalming: Ended up with some small issues but nothing major. Definitely excited to see some white widow extreme :grin:

Looks pretty good to me. I’m wondering if you need intake fan to maintain temps, or you just have it for good measure? If you don’t need it for a specific reason I would just run passive intake as long as you can. Less power used, wear and tear on your equipment, and should be less noise too.

Where did you get oscillating fans from?

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The intake is as you say “because” but the 6" exhust really sucks the tent in on the lowest settings. But a drop in tent temp would be a very good thing as we are in June in fla. Got the vivosun oscillating 6" pole mount clip on off amazon. They are overpriced IMHO but what isnt. One cheaper clip on type would only take one fall and plant damage will outweigh cost of purchase that’s how I justify it.LOL. these really grip the pole well and oscillate so air flow is optimal.

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That’s why I was asking lol. Currently have mine staked with cable ties.

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I had an issue last grow but got past it as well. End result was great. After 2 months in jars or so the smoke is great now… that’s what I trying to repete. Yeald was a respectful 12 ozs. Dry. And quality is good. Like to improve bud quality of course but a repete would be great.

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They were like 50/60 bucks a pair but I dont think they can fall. I read about other posters having had this happen. Sometimes its cheaper to spend instead of save.

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BTW thanks for the push toward the hlg lights. Huge improvement. Huge buds.

This is what I’m trying to repete for the record. Any and all help appreciated.


Well, your work is cut out for you!

You have some room for few more colas on outside edges, but takes forever to get them there.

If you haven’t mixed your soil and perlite, I’d add in some dolomite. About 1 tbsp per gallon of soil. The reason being is people are running across some ocean forest that has low ph. The last two bags I got did as well so I switched soil.

You helped with my issue last grow. Ph went silly and I may have fed too early. A good flush fixed it and started full strength feed on the FF neut chart and she ended up pretty good. I think I did have a root bound issue at the end as the roots were very solid upon inspection. This grow I’ve gone to 7 gal from 5gal, hope this helps? And no I haven’t mixed soil yet. I’ll look into the dolomite.

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That plant only veged 6/7 weeks if I recall.

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Plans are to test runoff to 800 than feed. Nothing except cal/mag and ph water till than. Test and watch very carefully and if crash I should catch it and do a flush around flip. Then feed.

Those of you that use mykos I’m trying something new to me. I put a pinch of mykos in the hole that the seed went in. Will also repete in the transplant. Anyone else do it???

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Every time. I sprinkle the hole and the rootball before transplant. Really knocks down the transplant shock.


I used it at transplant last grow but read about doing it when planting seed. They say “it makes the roots grow like crazy” ??? I will see as mine are in clear solo cups nested in the red ones.

Sorry I was out of town where I don’t have a cell tower to bounce off. But looking good so far.

I see that you topped the main stem. It doesn’t look like you topped any of the lower branches. Am I seeing correctly?