2nd grow, grow journal

Hi everyone! A week ago I asked for help in the support to start my 2nd grow, so I promised there that I’d start a journal to show everyone and to help each other, so here I am.
Im growing 2 GSC in a 4x4 tent, with a BP-3000 light, Happy Frog soil, in a 5gallon and 7gallon pot.
Im a day 5 and this is the first photos of my babies.

This is the one in the 7 gallon pot, I noticed that probably I have to put the light a lil bit more far away.

This, instead, is the one in the 5 gallon pot. This one looks healthy, even if they are on the same light at the same distance.

If you have any suggestion Im open to them! Thanks everyone (:


Looks like you’re off to a good start :green_heart:

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@Menz Guess it’s time to get to the growing!! :sunglasses::+1:t2::green_heart:

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A great start! :heart_eyes:

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So does the other one.

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Well I thought I needed to do that cuz I think I can see the leaves getting curly a lil bit, and also the tips are kinda yellow. But hey, it might just be me kinda of anxious :joy: If you guys think they are healthy like that, I’ll just wait for the plants to go in veg stage to put the light higher.

Also, I planted a third one that never got out the soil, can I place another one there or you guys would not suggest that since the other two are gonna go in veg soon?

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Check out this thread to understand how to best light your plant at any given phase.

As for planting another, if its a photoperiod you will flip it to flower when you flip the others, it may be shorter then you want. I dont do photos so I dont have any experience to offer there.


This is great man! Thank you so much!!
So you think that I shouldn’t be concerned?

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Look ok to me.

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To me they both look healthy ur on a good start now all u need to do is keep it simple stupid the K.I.S.S. method and you will be right dont over think things dont over water :sweat_drops: dont over fertilize


Hello again everyone!
First of all, I want to apologize for replying to this instead of edit the post, but for some reason it doesnt allow me to.
So, here we are, day 7, this is how they look right now.

This one is the one in the 7 gallon pot. As you can see, leaf is a lil bit curly, but im not sure why if the light is not the problem.

This is the 5 gallon pot one. This one is something like few hours behind the other one that is growing fast as light.

I want to note that I just installed a kind of portable AC, I bought an Arctic Air cooler suggested by a friend that is been doing this for a while, I want to see if I can manage the temperature in my grow box better.
I also bought a Vivosun Cool Mist Humidifer to manage the humidity level that I have been struggling in keeping them in range.

Let me know your thoughts guys, especially on the 7 gallon pot one. Thanks y’all! (:

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@Menz they look good.

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Hey everyone! Here I am for an update on whats going on!
We are on day 9 today!

Alright, this is the one in the 7 gallon pot, as you can see those two leaves are definitely a lil bit curly, I don’t know why, asking on here you guys been saying that she looks healthy, but can you tell me why its turning like that?

And this is the other one, in the 5 gallon pot. This one looks great as well.

They are definitely growing super fast and Im glad that it looks like Im doing a good job so far.
The cooler I bought definitely sucks and Im returning it while Im writing this. It did a good job in keeping the humidity kinda high, but that was not the reason why I bought it, so…
The humidifier is arriving today and I’ll let you guys know if it works well or not.
Please, if you have any thoughts share them with me. Thanks everybody!


@Menz so many beginning grows in here would kill to have their seedlings look as great as yours both do!! Keep it up and you’ll have a following of those folks who want to emulate your style. :green_heart::sunglasses::+1:t2:

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I agree with @Fieldofdreams they look fine!


Thank you for the feedback man, that made me feel better :sweat_smile:

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Inbreeding is the answer to your question, I think anyway. Almost every plant I have grown so far starts out with goofy leaves. 1st few nodes.

Or the occasional dble top.
Your good, unless your plant starts turning colors or stops growing.


@Menz ur doing great ur plants are healthy and happy keep it going

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Hello everyone! A little update as we entering the last week without nutrients, they are growing healthy and they look ready to go to the next level :crazy_face:

5 gallon pot, this one getting bigger than the other even if she came out a lil bit later than the other

7 gallon pot, looking great (:

Next week Im going to start feeding them nutrients, 1/2 power than suggested on the foxfarm charts.
If you have any suggestion based on what I told you about the plants please share them with me! Thanks everybody!


Hello again friends!
So, here I am, finally at day 14! This is how they look right now:

5 gallon pot, looking great, she definitely growing faster than the other one. I dont know why, I feel this one is getting bigger and bigger every hour. She seems like she is loving the light, even if I can notice a lil bit of curly in the leaves. Im planning to raise up the light couple of inches since we are getting in to veg stage.

7 gallon pot, looking great as well, I dont see any goofy leaf on this one, she seems like she love the light as well.

Since we are in the 2nd week, today, Im going to start feed them with my trio fox farms nutrients set. Im gonna follow the Fox Farm schedule that I attached below, but at 1/2 the power they suggest (3tbsp = 1.5tbps, 6tbsp = 3tbps). If you have any suggestions, or if you think it’s too early to start please share with me your ideas, or what you would do, that is the meaning of my journal.

Thank you so much guys!

PS: Here is the nutrients schedule from Fox Farm.