2nd chance or start from scratch?

Yeah, I see pistils but autos should have done something by now. If they are photo then @BigItch got it covered.

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@hmgrwn. if photo means feminized then they are photo. still new to all the “lingo” but do know that these seeds are supposed to be feminized. thanks. also, if photo means something else, then i don’t know what they are, lol.

i guess i need to know if i should do anything different to “re-veg” if that’s aviable option. sorry for all the questions but this is a little more of a science than i thought and you all are the experts.

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What you need to do is slap every single one of them on a 18hr lights on and 4hr off. Make sure it’s quality lighting or it won’t matter.

Yeah feminized is photo(regular) seed guaranteed to be female. Auto is different and if you had them you would likely know.
Those are definitely in critical condition but not dead yet. Give 'em light and love is all you can do.
And again @BigItch got you covered there.

For sure.
Good Luck and as Commander Taggart (Tim Allen) said “Never give up, never surrender”.

@jdouglas36542 I know I’m butting in but I’d like to offer you some advice, please take as friendly. I just want everyone succeed.

  1. Your plants look over watered (powder on soil) - stop that
  2. Try watering in a circle around the outer area of the pot to encourage roots to seek out the water and spread.
  3. This one I’m not sure on but it looks like you’ve used a seed cube or something. If that’s the case try lifting the cube or whatnot out and breaking the bottom a little your roots might be contained or stuck by the starter.
    It’s far from over, I always keep trucking unless it’s a hermi :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:
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@BigItch certainly no offense taken. i’ll take all the help i can get on this. i can see now that it won’t be hard to do after i’ve made all the mistakes, hopefully only once each. till then i have no ego.

i went back and checked my notes and it appears these might actually be autoflowering seeds. i guess i didn’t pay attention when i germinated them because i really didn’t know it was a deal, much less a big deal. does that change my reclaimation strategy? as i said in my original post i have new seeds to try, and they are definitely feminized, purchased from ILGM. i have very little loyalty to these bonsai plants at this point and if starting over is best in the long run, i’ll do that too. again, all help considered and appreciated.



Whoaaa. Auto makes a huge difference. IMO I would throw them under lights while you start other seeds. Light schedule means nothing to an auto. At the end of the day you might get a few joints off each plant.
That’s my best advice.

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If u have the means to do it put all the plants in a room vented and has airflow of course that u can leave the lights on for 24 hrs for a week or 2 it will kick in the reveg a touch faster. After the 24 hrs for a week. Or 2 then go to 18 6 for the remainder til flower. On ur package if it say feminized auto flower or feminized photo period. All autos are feminized from ilgm we r gonna get u a good plant. Here bubs. Hope ur eady for some fun lol. Do u have a pH and ppm meters. If not before we get too deep into a grow let’s make sure u have the necessities first.
Apera ph20 meter off Amazon bout 50 bucks
Vivosun blue colored pom meter like 12 bucks on Amazon
pH up and pH down by general hydroponics usually cheapest
Lights. If u have any Xtra cash laying around to splurge a small bit if see about light upgrades pretty quick lol. U’ll get buds for sure but not what u r wanting to have I can promise u that lol. Invest in a hlg 260atleast if u can or buy the stuff and build a small light to cover that area better and use one of the lights u have now as a secondary option to help boost up flower time. The light u have now will be a great addition to a good light will help build up the tricomes on the plant like massive. Lol. Welcome and good luck. Have alot of guys and gals to help get u thru anything possible lol. @Graysin can point u on getting a few parts to build a light cheaper than just buying on. Like a saving of about 200 bucks or so. Yo. Uy lights u look at paying for good lights about 2 bucks a watt Grayson build 500w for like 300 bucks. Cheaper if u have some of the materials laying around already lol.

@BigItch @Mark0427 and all. thanks so much. i’m on it. will shop better lights but put plants under my TS1000’s till i solve that problem. 24/7 for 2 wks, then 18/6 after that, right? maintain pH at 6, water every 3-4 days and at some point you experts are going to tell me when to go 12/12 and from there i’m just sitting around waiting for a harvest. ah yes, i can see it now. buy papers in the multi-pack size. i’ll update with new pictures when these pups are looking a little more respectable. seriously, thanks again to all.


You sound like you’re on track. :muscle:
Here’s aaaaa…IMO plants need a rest… 18-6 is enough for what ya got going on.
Definitely try to see this grow through it might not be much but the lesson will be priceless.
You might want to try photos this time. They are more forgiving of mistakes and when one is made there’s time to correct them.
Happy growing

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here are the quads dressed up for the first day in their new home. let me know what you think. thanks in advance.


I may have completed an involuntary tour or 2 but no not currently :disguised_face:

Looking good.

Happy growing

here’s a quick update and plan going forward. i’ll take all advice.

after 18 days in a closed environment you can see that these little seedlings were in fact already
in the flowering stage (i think) before i got on the right track. they’ve grown some but i don’t think i was able to return them to vegetative stage and they are definitely getting buds and flowers. my plan now based on previous advice is to go to 12/12 light and let them finish their flowering stage and try to get a little bit of harvest just for the heck of it. with what i’ve learned i think my next grow will be much more successful, since i basically abused these pups from day one and ruined any chance of good growth before i got a clue. again any advice will be welcomed. thanks to all.

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