2d after trim girls look ok I thinking. Still newb have no clue but still alive lol


They look great. You’re doing a great job

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Thanks for your response. I think ok scared me with burning in leaves before.

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Very nice!!! The only thing I see is the leaves touching the dirt may get nute burn. What you think @Mr_Wormwood ?

Yes, I trim them as much as I could. I didn’t want to trim too much cuz they’re still young. I don’t know. Not an expert knew at this

Hey we are all learning!!! Even the experienced learn if they want to… I have been growing for 40 years and I learn something every day from this group of experts. If you dont learn something every day, your not trying to…

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Speak the truth brother

Read,learn, repeat…read, learn, repeat…

All outta likes :rage: but thank you my friend!!!

Thanks pal no worries :grin:

I have dug out dirt around leaves after I trimmed burnt ones off just can’t tell bye photos . Keeping :eye: on it for growth not letting that happen again learning :sweat_smile:

:fist_right: :fist_left: @DoneDeal

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