28 hour photoperiod

On the re-vegers and some clones, I am getting new green leaf or white growth (single leaf growth or pistils). Surprising and pleasing me, for sure.
New growth will allow me to further trim to clean the “excess” green foliage that was left from the last grow or grab some clones, prior to shaping for flower colas.

Not the same story with the seedlings.
They are looking pushed or stressed (a little wrinkly or light color (not the usual darker green leaf color). Remembering they are 11/1 origin and all have been “up-planted” from solo cup origin solo cup dumped into hole in “occupied” bag residence.

Not seeing any “stretch” as yet.
Not seeing any “stretch” as yet, probably too soon.
New green growth is definitely a positive result.
I don’t care if new growth is “reveg” or “still alive”, I am happy.
Happy with lighting routine, so far.
Green growth or pistils is good.
I am concerned that temperature in tent becomes too cold during OFF light and lung/garage night temps.
Mitigation requires 18/6 lights Off mid-day in winter (lung room low temp 55-60, currently and will be worse in winter. Sunlight (when available) heats lung room and grow tent gets fed warmer air.
Still looking for “referral” or recommendation on portable dual hose (600 SQFT/ 12,000 BTU minimums) dual function (AC/Heater), And yes Blue-Tooth.


We have “stretch” showing on multiple plants.
Not NBA (seven foot) but more than an eight-leg-min-micro-chip.

Wait. Are you in electronics too?

My nightmare started in 1984. Then in 1989 I was sent to Millington TN, for “round two” AVI-C7, 9 months of electronics. Included 6 month 8/4 x5 days or just 12,
That 8 hours class, 4 hours homework or just 12 hrs. homework. Additionally, adult supervisor responsibilities for two jars with sticks, in winter. 35 years of tron chasing and the most memorable hit was 270VDC.
It made my eardrums sore, far worse than the minor electrocutions from the 115/3p-400hurts.
Certificated graduate of the 5 week school to reverse “bigger the blob, better the job” theory and training. Qualified for Component and Mini, don’t like micro (coffee shake looks bad under a microscope and trying to time simultaneous left/right activity thru scope). More USN schools than I got from college (USU,B-Science, too).

Bushing lady in foreground. harvested and rescued 11/1 from outdoor banishment 6/1. Great plant (genetics and clones well).
Bad summer growth location providing minimal direct sun-lighting.
Stretch seen on clone in center (leaves were curled before, since cloning).

New growth of white pistils occurring.

Just cant bring myself to take it down. Im going for another week with the grape ape. It just doesnt make sense to me to have only half of the calyxes swollen. Thats where all the trichomes are, an i have to allow for more surface for trichomes. I may be past the point of diminishing returns, but im going to see this through. The bay 11 has a bunch more swelling to do.


Looking great… i am just wondering why you think all the trichomes are on the calyxes? They are all over the buds… just look… i think your confused with zeroing in on the calyx for identifying ripeness. THC is all over the buds, just not one certain part. Albeit, there is more potency in certain parts of the bud over other places but, its all over.

Bailed 23/13 due to Aphid invasion.
Not happy, but that’s my life.

Well a good trimmer will clip everything but the bud. To me, in my understanding, the bud is the calyx. There are sugar leaves that can have quite a bit of trichomes, but mostly on the bottom of the leaf, probably due to not block light to the top of those leaves for photosynthesis. The calyxes are completely covered in trichomes. Someone on this thread made the point that your mj will test at a higher percentage when you trim off everything but the calyxes, and of course when you have a high calyx to leaf ratio. I was mainly going to chop the grape ape due to the belief that it is dying slowly of old age. But there are almost zero amber trichomes that i can find. So im going to do another week, to try for some amber trichomes, and hopefully more swollen calyxes.

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So you grow in your garage? That would be tough to control climate and critters. Thats a drag though. What light schedule are you doing? Or did you give up on the plants?

Waging war on aphids.
Went back to 18/6 for more access to tent and control environment.
Will pitch half the plants (1-a-day) , making room and purge tent.
Hours spent with microscope, looking for live bugs.
Learned more than I cared too, maybe I will benefit from knowledge and experienced.
Actually, looks promising playing with hours of lighting.

One trick i heard about is to water with 50% milk. Most of these creatues dont have a pancreas, so they will eat and promptly explode.


Ordered the lady killer squadron.
Purge coming.
New seeds should arrive today…

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I hear you. Your not the only one…

You can dilute 91% rubbing alcohol down way low with water and spray the shite out of those critters! When i have an issue with any kind of bug, i go to war with them instantly with this stuff. It dries them out and kills then on the spot! The alcohol wont hurt anything because it evaporates very quickly from the water but sticks around long enough to kill the bugs. It kills bed bugs, tics, fleas, any bug it works on.

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I love getting pics just before the lights come on.


I have to say that this bay 11 is such a good smelling strain, you just want to act like a dog with an earthworm, and get the smell all over you. Just smelling it ups your mood. I cant imagine what its like to smoke it. Its not a super strong strain in thc content, so you have to smoke a bit more, but there must be some reason that everyone loved it last time. I think they will go insane for this batch.


It looks healthy even. Just looking at it makes me feel happy…lol

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Taking the grape ape down tomorrow. Wish me luck fitting it into a closet.


WTF? What an ass pain! I need this bay 11 to finish soon, so i can use the tent to dry. This is too much in one place. I took a couple of picks of buds that are examples of maybe 20 individual tops. As well as a pick from the bottom of the closet, and one of the doorway which is about half the size of the whole closet.

As well as