2022 outdoor grow

So this is my new grow for the season .its a bit late in the year but we missed out on spring. Crazy cold rainy weather. Then in a few days summer. 12 degrees c to suddenly 34 degrees c. Quite a shock to my system as well as all my garden .
The plant in question was germinated 1 1/2 weeks ago. It’s a variety called Purple Pie . Apparently they grow huge and produce abundantly. Yay.


Whoa, that’s already proving to be a monster. And welcome back to the forum!

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thanks Borderryan22. i grew a green dope last season and that thing was a monster. but i pulled it over this one i will let go straight up see where it gets to.

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Yeah that plant will get huge, what is the weather and more specifically temperature like? Might need to protect it, you’re looking at a good 4 months before harvest

Auto or Photo?

Hi Fewshin. Weather is heating up but still a bit damp. Heading into summer . Where it gets really hot. Unpleasantly hot, high 30’s to mid 40’s with a few 50+ degree c days but the plants love it with a good supply of water. I have a gravity fed low pressure automatic watering system that works a treat .

Ah, I see, you’re on that part of the equator. Get shade cloth when it gets hot. Trust me, I lived in PHX, AZ for most of my life and it gets hot there. Shade cloth will keep your plants from burning and make sure to use at least .5 meters of mulch at the base of the plant and past the canopy of the plant. For moisture I would LST the side branches down and away from the plant to open up the leaves and buds to as much wind as possible. Don’t get any water on the leaves ever and only water in the morning. Keep us updated :call_me_hand:

20 or 30% shade cloth

I agree about the mulch . Nothing will grow well here without it . Haven’t found the need for shade cloth on my plants. My grape vines on the other hand suffer terribly in this climate and have a shade cloth canopy protecting them from the blazing heat and the damaging frosts.

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oh, right on

one week on from last picture. its well on its way. this purple pie looks to be as vigorous in its growth as the green dope. i can only hope, fingers crossed. the weather should start to warm up some soon. still very mild and wet. just drove through 250m of flooded road to get here.

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hi. i have a correction to make. i have been calling it purple pie. it is PERSIAN PIE.

Here is the persian pie feminised a week on from last picture. Very strong vigorous growth. If we ever get any sunny hot weather. Very unseasonably cool and mild.

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Like where I am, still cold and wet, should have planted out by now but cant see any point in it, need some more heat


One week on. Weather is getting very warm. Had a couple of very hot days. 40degrees c. Shock to the system.

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day 40 from germination. this is a strong vigorous girl. we are now getting the summer weather
that is normal for this area. 39 degrees Celsius yesterday. nice 26 degrees today and for the rest of the week.