2018 Compassionate essay contst. Win a presewnt from ILGM

Hey all,

This is latewood, and I ask you all to write an essay describing why some ILGM genetics would help you through your pain.

Describe affliction.

Do not post unless you have needs, and this is not a vote. Write an essay or scroll down!

I look forward to handing out soe cool Xmas presents to those who submit proper essays

Members in need of assistance should write a short essay as to why ILGM could help them.

all others… Do not post!


@latewood first, let me start off with saying thanks for the opportunity to share my experience with some of ilgm genetics and the reason I grow/use marijuana. My name is Andy and am 37 years old by the way

At an early age I started drinking heavily which led to having pancreas problems. I was hospitalized many times because I wouldn’t stop drinking, but when that prescription pad started writing out countless pain pills, an even eviler demon rose it’s ugliest of heads. Soon an addition to pain killers led to a heroin addiction that I’ve battled daily followed. In and out of prison I’ve been, off and on dope I’ve been also. As of April 13 2019, I’ll have 6 years off this time.
All the heavy drinking and drugging led to my diabetes and neuropathy. I now use marijuana as not only something to relax with, but a pain reliever because I cannot ever, ever touch opioid. I’ve only grown two different strains. White widow auto and California Dream strains. The Cali dreams strain is a heavy evening type smoke, it puts you down. I smoke the white widow throughout the day and make rso oil out of the Cali dreams for night. I would like to try the gold leaf since many have mentioned it’s pain relief traits. Hopefully my stoned rambling is what you were looking for. Again, thanks. Andy


Hi everyone! When i found ILGM I weighed 74 pounds. Everything tasted like cardboard. The only thing that made me able to eat was medical cannabis & if i bought it i had no money left to buy food. Checking out my options i came across this forum that taught a girl who killed all houseplants how to grow magnificent weed! I cant tell you how much help & support ILGM has been to me from the best genetically grown seeds to some of the most wonderful growers to pick their brains.
I have multiple surgeries coming up & i used to have an opiate addiction and was afraid to get them done due to the pain medication that followed. Now however ive got some awesome crystal (learned how to make tinctures) as tincture & bananna kush & skywalker in mason jars with a harvest coming right before the surgery. These strains will get me through it all.
Many Many Thanks ILGM!!!


@latewood let me start by saying this forum is awesome and everyone i have encountered on here has been friendly and extremely helpful.
My name is Eric and im 36 years old. I just recently started smoking again after taking a break for a while and started drinking. I served 6 years in the army and was deployed to Iraq in 07 and again in 09. My second tour i was hit by a roadside bomb on Apr 26 2009 on route rainier just outside sadr city. Needless to say when i got home i had alot of problems and drinking was a big one. It almost cost me my life my child and my fiancee. A few months ago my neighbor had some goodness so i got some for me and my fiancee and it has been a lifechanger. Smoking has helped so much that i dropped 50 lbs and in a much better place mentally than i ever was before. I got classified 70 pct disabled by the VA for ptsd but since i live in texas im not allowed medical marijuana yet so i found ilgm and decided to grow my own. I would rather what im getting and the helpful properties it has not only that but growing has given me a little bit of peace . Thank you for all yall do and i look forward to the purple haze im growing right now.


Thanks for sharing, being a Texas resident its best your growing your own. It will be a while for medical or recreational will be legal here.


The contest closes at Midnight tonight. Happy new year. We will be contacting you in a week or so about your prizes :mrs_claus:


Well I hesitated on putting myself in here but I’ll do it anyways. In middle of 2017 I broke my back and damaged a few discs. I’ve been unable to work since then. I was self employed and as such don’t have typical workers comp. The accident caused some nerve damage and the surgery to repair my back ended up causing even more damage to the nerves. I now have something called CRPS or RSD. Which stands for complex regional pain syndrome. It’s non curable and very permanent. The level of pain is measured as one of the most severe on the McGill University Pain Scale. It took me several months and selling a lot of personal belongings to afford the parts to start growing and as much as I love ILGM for this forum their seeds are just out of my price range. And I’m still on the search to find a strain that actually can help manage my pain. So far I’ve only been able to find mild relief.

I only have a few months left before the insurance policy that’s been keeping us afloat hits it’s term limit and no way to know how it will end so money will continue to be tight for the foreseeable future. I’ve seen nothing but excellent reviews of the medical quality of several strains from ILGM and would love the opportunity to try some of them myself.

But no matter who you choose I just wanted to say thank you for doing this. I felt really alone both in my diagnosis and in my search for relief before finding this forum. Not only have I been able to talk to others in similar situations but also find people with the same problem. It’s helped my morale and my restored my hope that I’ll be able to find some quality of life eventually.


@daz49 would be the person that has been a outstanding member and very well liked members much love


I come from a negative upbringing around the use of cannabis. I was exposed to seeing cannabis being smoked with cigarettes and alcohol at the same time. Mixing cannabis with other substances, that’s called “recreational use”. Sometimes recreational is just not “healthy” for some people. The stigma around cannabis use was and still is prolifically inaccurate, misleading to downright offensive! I heard statements like;
“Smoking weed makes you lazy, makes you dumb, makes you stupid, no hoper, useless”.
:roll_eyes: “Like there’s something wrong with you”.
My name is Penelope, I am 32 years old. I come from a place where cannabis is not legal yet. I come from a place where; when I look around my people. I see suffering. I see pain. I see many relying on prescription medication to see them through their day and I still see the suffering.
“I believe the many healing properties of the cannabis plant has no limits”.

Although my early introductions into “weed” was not the best start, I have only in the recent past few years become the passionate person I am when talking about the wonderous, magical plant that is cannabis. My Mum is only 58 and a few years ago things started. Due to poor health choices she has bad blood circulation, high blood pressure, diabetic, water retention, high stress and a whole lot more. She takes a concoction of pills from the doctor for breakfast, lunch and tea to keep all these ailments in check. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Every time she walked the sensation felt like she was walking on glass. She had a major surgery done. They took a vein from her arm and put it in her left leg. That got infected, so more surgery, a stroke and more battle wounds were suffered.
My Mum and Dad never smoked cannabis. My dad drank alcohol, my mum smoked cigarettes and they too, believed all the hype that “cannabis is the devil”. My mum has never smoked or tried cannabis in her life. So even bringing up the fact that I like to smoke for a time out, was out of the question. I felt hopeless while seeing my mum suffer through her ailments and pain.
“Then that’s when the plant god showed”.

I am that “doctor google” type of person. I will google my symptoms and how to cure myself. So that is exactly what I did. I taught myself how to grow, cut, dry, cure, dercarb to making infused butter and oils. I made chocolate brownies, canna milk, cannabis flour, cookies, lollies, jelly, tinctures, teas, shake powder and this is when my imagination ran wild. I realised, I have never been this excited and easily susceptible to learning about the cannabis plant.

In learning I was able to make a magic salve balm containing cannabis. I was well rewarded when my mum said it gave her instant relief when I applied the salve to her under feet, while giving her a therapeutic foot massage at the same time. My mum became my tester. The tincture gave her a relaxing feeling when taken half hour before bed time. She consumed a cookie once and she got smashed. She got that couch lock and it came so fast for her that it was unexpected. She did not like the feeling, although she had the best sleep after that. She doesn’t consume or smoke cannabis yet.

In saying all that, I am still learning the many magical qualities the cannabis plant has to offer the many masses around the world. I am blessed and greatfull, I have an awesome man who is also passionate about growing cannabis. He also found this site “I❤️LGM”. This year is the first time we are fortunate to know what we are growing and consuming. I chose the heavy hitters pack because I liked the reviews on gorilla glu. We are halfway through this season “outdoor”. I have been able to make medicine already from pruning and super cropping. I have a decent amount of leaves and stalks, even though there is no visible trichs. Who’s to say there is no medicinal qualities already formed? I plan to infuse in oil once it’s dried. I will make ointments, balms, lotions and potions from this. Everything can be used. I would like to be able to try out the cbd oil for my mum as a form of pain relief or management. I know she would benefit from this. Pure indica has all the right qualities I am searching for to help with pain, anxiety, depression and so much more. I imagine all the good I can achieve with just one seed. My dream is to one day help many of my people, aswell as all that need this medicine. Again I am blessed and greatfull. Blessed I still have my mum here with her two front feet.
I am here to share where I can, be innovative, natural, organic, love the land, keep green and staying humble.

I wish you all love, light, happiness, peace and pain free “Happy New Year 2019”


Care to share your recipe? I’ve made a skin cream of high THC cannabis infused coconut oil, beeswax and some other stuff which has been pretty good in treating excema, rashes, etc.,but I’d like to find a good pain relief balm which won’t blow my head off of my shoulders (there’s other ways of doing that😉) I’m having surgery on both feet (not at the same time) soon and I’d like to make something that will ease the post surgery pain. Is your magic salve an option?


Thanks @Hogmaster brother, @latewood. Here’s my story,I’m just a young 50 year old fella from across the pond in Wales,I’ve been a stoner since I was 17 but not used it for its medicinal benefits until I was diagnosed with emphysema,my emphysema went undiagnosed for 10 years and I actually ended up having time in hospital to find out what was wrong with me when I was sacked for having time off,it took me about a year of pain and constant doctors and hospital visits for them to finally see and diagnose emphysema,I’m in constant pain,it hurts to breath, I take shorter breaths now,my chest and lungs hurt all the time,some bad days some good,on loads of pain meds and seizure meds, I was really at a loss for what more I could do for my own pain management I was in so much pain and it was only getting worse,I’ve already lost my dad to emphysema and watched the poor man wilt away to nothing,when I gave my dad cannabis when he would visit he could sleep or eat, so I decided to research a bit,a couple of my brothers had grown before and was telling me that I should grow my own medication,with the proven medical benefits now and all of the different pain medications they have had me on in the last 5 years,now I have epileptic seizures now to,so I have invested 2 years so far into growing my own weed,using it for pain relief,to help me sleep,keep an appetite,drop down my dependence on the pain meds’,make butter,edibles,brownies,kief,Still want to learn the tinctures and honey ,I’m still in constant pain I can’t see that changing so its a case of trying to manage it and the bouts of depression when everything seems constantly black but I’ve always got good people to talk to,I’ve invested a lot into it and with all the help I’ve got from this site and the seeds from Robert Bergman I :heart:GM to take me from someone who has never grown anything ever before,to a mostly successful indoor grower,thanks for all your help,happy New Year everyone, I hope you all have a great grow year 2019


Thank you for your question. I have tried many recipes for making foot balms. I have used menthol crystals for a cooling effect. My mum liked that, and then I realised she needed more of a heating effect. So I have infused the likes of chilli peppers in oil. That works a treat. It sure gets the blood moving. “May blow some people’s shoulder’s off their head”. What I do use that’s magic however is only available to my country. Native herbal medicine. Has peppery qualities without the serious heat of the pepper. Has numbing qualities aswell as healing properties. The kawakawa plant aswell as Horopito mixed with thc/cbd has worked like magic for me.
I wish you great health and well being


There is only one answer - ALCOHOL was killing me, because it was the only alternative

I made an educated choice, with no regrets

As it turned out, since I began this I went from 240 pounds to just under 200 because I no longer stuff myself with calories from a stuff that hurts my body

I wonder if I can actually reach the weight I was when I was younger

I can’t explain the details, if you were in the military you are screwed if you ever admit or get caught at it.

I went 20 years without

I’m retired now

Guess what I want to do?

Plants are beautiful

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Hey everybody. I have to apologize for not awarding presents to everyone but, I have been really sick. I will try to get all things sorted by next week.

Thanks for your patience. We have a lot of presents to give out :slight_smile:



Any updates @latewood. ??

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Yeah. I was extrememly sick for weeks and also had a big 7 band concert to rpomote. Feeling better and we have been catching up.

Just about everyone that followed my guidelines (very important), will receive a gift.

We are gifting discount codes for the shop for the top 3 essays (including the other one), and all others who followed the guidelines will get a free T shirt.

Sorry for the delay. This is the last item on my list to catch up on, and we will have presents given out in the next week. :slight_smile:
Happy growing :smiley:


Will u be emailing the info @latewood because i have a new one cant get in my old email

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I message you through the system and get your email from you, or I may just give you a code to use at the store. It depends on your prize.

We are picking the Prize levels today