2 of 4 strains showing no signs of blooming

I have 4 strains planted this year… blue amnesia, sour deisal, cheese and northern lights. All are outdoors in 5 gallon buckets. The first two are in full bloom, although the blue Amnesia bloomed small. However, the northern lights and cheese show no signs of blooming. They are all at 8 weeks and five days.

All 4 are side by side, and have been receiving the exact same amount of sunlight and water

Any idea why these 2 aren’t blooming, or what I need to do to make them bloom?


Northern lights

Blue amnesia

Sour deisal


Maybe because of the different strains, sativa vs. indica dominant?

Welcome to ILGM, btw. Sorry I can’t be of more help. But I’d assume it has to do with where the strains are indigenous, based on the latitude, they may be looking for different triggers from nature.


2 auto 2 photo?

What about at night? Maybe Street light or security light is hitting the 2 just enough to stall flowering ? Are the two that aren’t blooming next to each other?

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How many hours of daylight do you have right now? 14? 8?
In general most strains begin to flower around 12 hours of daylight, but some begin earlier and some later.

I don’t actually think the two in question are auto flowering. I am a rank n00b at this, so what would that mean? What needs to be done to a non auto flowering strain to get it to flower?

All 4 are in a row with the 2 that are flowering on either end. The 2 in question are in the middle b

No night lights are hitting the row. They are all lined up along the edge of my garden bed.

5:58 AM

Saturday, July 27, 2019 (CDT)

Dawn in Tulsa, OK

9:02 PM

Saturday, July 27, 2019 (CDT)

Dusk in Tulsa, OK

So 14 hours of proper sunlight, give or take.

I’m not an outdoor grower, but that’s about when some strains will begin to flower outdoors, in the right conditions. Others might take another month or so.

By the time you get down to 12 hours of sunlight you will likely see everything going into the flowering stage.

SInce you asked - autoflowering plants go into the flowering stage on their own schedule (when they decide to, typically after 4-8 weeks of vegetation), regardless of how many hours of light they get each day.

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Well, they’re different strains.

Aahh, that explains a lot… Thanks.

12hrs. Of uninterrupted pitch black

Same issue with flowering. Indoor, 24/7 lights, GSC Extreme Autos are now stretching, but no sign of pistils, popped through soil on 1/27/20, so 8 weeks old. Any ideas? My other strain Autos showed sex at 4 weeks, so I’m stumped.

On average, autoflowering strains will take 6-8 weeks to begin flowering, so you’re probably close. As far as when they begin to flower, that is mostly strain (genetics) dependent. Certain strains will begin in 4 weeks, others in 10. Other factors like stress can alter the timelines as well.
You can help encourage them to begin preflower by switching your light schedule to 12/12.

12 hrs of UNINTERRUPTED PICHBLACK DARKNESS. NO FLASHLIGHTS LEAVE THEM ALONE AT NIGHT. This should get all the plants blooming even the autos, if the ruderalis gene was not dominant. I have put autos in tents with 12 hrs of light and the buds came out dense and very good.