Can my Auto actually not be an auto?

We’ve got what is supposed to be a Chocolate Snunk auto. 3 seeds same bank 3 different looking ladies. The one that looks like an Indica is also still in veg while my sativa looking plant has been flowering for 2 or 3 weeks.
Could the Indica somehow not be an auto?


Entirely possible but each seed is different and expresses genetically differently from others. You could put them all on 12/12 and if the one is a photo (those genetics are present in autos) then you will give her the message.


Excellent we did that this am. Thanks for responding. I figured since they are autos light time isnt a big deal to a point. We went from 18-6 to 12-12… I’ve learned a boatload of info on here the guys and gals are great. Smoke on


ok well just another question about autos … if you have two different strains … one is budding good or starting to while the other isnt. would you start running 12 on 12 off to force flower or would you keep it at 18 and 6 for awhile? plants are only 5 weeks old

You can’t force flower with autos. Otto’s flower when they decide they want to that’s from interbreeding photos with autos I’ve grown 25 White Widow Autoflower hours I’ve had some flower within 3 to 4 weeks and then I’ve had some it’s waited 3 months to flower drop your lights 12/12 all you want it may give a little kick in the butt to start flowering but then it may not because then again the auto Gene comes into play it’ll flower when it’s ready


thank you and i will give that a try but i also thought about just running 20-4 the whole way since some have started to bud any thoughts?

I start all plants (autos and photos) 24/0 for first week or two, then 16/8 then once flower begins down to 12/12 with great results



Thank you I have a couple Girls 60 days old but not flowering yet. I’ll cross my fingers. :grinning: