2 beauties and a runt. migro aray isn't going to be enough to save her

Started two seeds in water. Blueberry headband and gg#4

Popped in jiffy pots after 24hrs

Got some heads but they looked terrible. Some surgery to get the helmets off.

They were not looking very good under an old aquarium fluorescent so I put em under the sweet vipar. Lol.

Gluey didn’t make it. :disappointed_relieved:

Dropped 2 more. 1 more gg#4 and a bag seed.(trainwreck)

Let them tail out in paper towels this time.

Screw those jiffy pots. Straight into super soil. Heads popped up in 24hrs


So the new seeds are looking good while bluey is looking stunted.

It gets worse for bluey. :fearful:

Growing …

Help has arrived. Migro aray!

Might not be enough to save bluey but we shall try. Potted the two newer plants to 1 qt while I wait for my new 1 gal pots.


Set it up at 6 inches ish. But 50ish % was pushing 610 ppfd. Too much for little babies.

Backed it off to 30% more like 550. New seeds responding well. Bluey not so much.
Mistakes were made.


Hi! I am a new. my first grow So I am still learning every day here… I was told don’t mist the leaves as the lights will burn them and it looks like your soil is really wet. wet/ dry cycles is what I was told by several growers including @Hellraiser @Covertgrower @dbrn32 and others.
Those lights look really nice! Thats a lot of photons right there. If your looking for some experienced advice there is a lot of it here. ill be watching and I hope they do great!


@Jackie_Daytona thanks for the reply. I welcome all advice and being my 2nd grow need as much as I can get.

I mistakenly put bluey in a water bath while I was trying to boost rh under a dome. It backfired and water logged the little bugger. Not sure what I was thinking. She is drying now. Hope she doesn’t pass because of it. Its the only one that my wife wants to try. Go figure. 2 more beans for more attempts at later dates. The other two are just drying from the transplant. So you are right, pretty wet right now. I may be over caring for them. I misted the last grow when they were little to boost rh, maybe I shouldn’t from now on.

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If you do mist the leaves, try and do it at lights out, or you’ll end up with burn spots on the leaves.


I see Shane’s YouTube Videos and the comments were filled with the normal doom and gloom folks as well as most just patting him on the back. I like migro, seems like a good guy and what he does testing lights for the community is great. It’s an Interesting light, 4 bar 230w. Low energy high output. Keeping cost low is ideal. I thank Shane for all he’s done for the community.

Migro trying to compete with bigger lights with significantly stronger output in the new array and to get the higher ppfd/efficiency the LED needed to be within 6 inches of the canopy. 6 inches from the canopy is awfully close especially when some plants genetics will grow taller than others. I’ve also read there is a acrylic coating to protect the diodes as well which might become a problem for anyone using a humidifier especially in seedling and veg. Acrylic coating can start to brown after a year or so when water builds up and that’s on QBs hung at normal heights 16-24 inches. “My guess” is this process is sped up with the light being so close to the floor in a tent during the first stages. Also worth nothing the high efficiency numbers on the array could only be achieved at 6 inches. Noticed how he tested all other lights at standard hanging distances, but only tested his array at 6 inches. Cooking the numbers so to speak. Id be interested to see how far the light falls off those numbers at 12, 16 & 24 inches as more users receive their lights.

The few Independent tests from folks who bought one on YouTube show the space in-between the bars is far lower than reported 400-500 at 6 inches hanging height and 800-900 directly under a bar. At 12 inches directly below the bars were readings were much more even of 5-600 directly under the bar and 400-500 between bars. Should make a great “veg” light at 12 inches.

I’ll be watching this grow (thanks for sharing). Interested to see how the light performs in a real world scenario. Multiple plants, different genetics and growing heights.


@ArmoredGoat I will definitely keep in mind the humidity and water near the acrylic. Dont need it to discolour in any time frame.

:+1: exactly what I do if need be

Its been about a week and the plants are looking good.
I have turned up the light and the plants seem to be happy. Gluey and trainey are putting out tight nodes and are around 5 nodes now. Looking like some topping in their near future.

I had a few gnats show up so I put some stickies and DE to ward that off. Not catching anything on the stickies. Killed as many as I could catch.

Bluey is starting to grow some of the best leaves yet. Maybe there is hope for a little bit at harvest time.

I am looking to upgrade my exhaust. I was thinking ac infinity s6 or t6. @Hellraiser likes them and his word is gospel. @Jackie_Daytona you have the t6 too. My question is it worth getting the temp and humidity functions? Or just stick with the regular fan. I read your praise but some reviews said that the controls are confusing and don’t work the way you might expect?

Last @dbrn32 , the only reason to most would be foliar at lights out right?

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Ya, you want to try keeping your leaves dry while lights are on.

Day 28 for lightsy.
She perked up after a good watering.
A bit of leaf damage but I’m not trying to grow leaves.
Should I remove it? I’m not sure. Doesn’t seem to be hurting anything and not getting any worse.

Day 28 for gluey.
She is pretty dry but still a stitch of water weight in there. Water tomorrow at ligts on i think. She is drooping pretty good and seems to have a bit of taco leaf going on.

Day 41 for bluey.
She is a runt alright. Cleaned up some dead leaves and she looks bare but alive. Hoping there is some major root growth going on. :pray:

All in all progressing along. No nutes just water from the tap sitting at least 24hrs.


The aray is at 7ish inches running at 65 percent. Temps are around 80f and rh mid 40s.

Ordered the T6 so I can use the old fan elsewhere.
Looking at a gorilla tent to mitigate as much noise as possible. Only have 77 inches so a shorty will have to do. @Hellraiser said it dropped ambient noise for him so ill give it a try and use my old tent fro temp dry room for outdoor buds.


Hey just seeing some damaged leaves. Could this be cal mag issue or just was too dry, drooping and rubbing the pot issue? Upper leaves still look good.
Water is about 94 ppm and ph is 6.4ish.

@Hellraiser @ArmoredGoat @Covertgrower @ArmoredGoat @Jackie_Daytona @shindig153


That could be the issue, but likely needs a transplant too.


Agreed with covert, a transplant is needed. Also worth mentioning that this is typically seen with ph swings & calmag. Top parts fine, bottom mature leaves start showing issues first.


Transplant coming up. Going into 1 gal plastic for 4 more weeks. Then into 7 gal for 1 week then flip. That’s the plan anyway.
Thank you

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How do you like the migro array? I’ve seen some owner videos not pleased with the drop off of ppfd/par between bars as well as the 6 inch hanging height

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Well coming from a viparspectra this is a huge improvement, ironically the 450 reflector was rated the worst light shane ever tested lol. I’m not sure how deep I can penetrate the canopy with this light for flower so il going to try to keep as even a canopy as I can. So far I’m able to keep the plants under the bars. I found at 12 inches the light evens out. It may become my veg light so time in the future when led evolves again.

So yes it is a great light so far. I’m a supersoil grower so it may not be an accurate comparison to nute grows but we will see how it goes. I’m not counting it out yet.

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