2 3gal. In a 2x2

Morning everyone. So looking for comments and concerns about my 1st attempt at raising some girls. Starting autos and im wanting to do them in mentioned above set up.
Fox farm goodies on deck for medium, using fabric containers, spider sf1000 light source, infinty exhaust fan etc, meters on standby ph, temp, humidity etc. PH tuners Up and Down. Did i miss anything?

More about variety for me then large yield.


Everything sounds about right. I didnt see any mention of meters…

Ppm/tds/ec meters, you can go the cheapie route. The $10-15 meter works just fine.

PH, i recommend u spend a few more coins on. Apera or BlueLabs are my goto recommendations

Sorry its early in the am. I stand corrected… only thing I see missing now is the seeds. What u planning on dropping?


Welcome. I would say that starting out for the first grow (from personal experience), start slow. Germinating more than 4 seeds will become painful and costly, should your green thumb be working well.
Read as many of the ILGM forum postings as available. Forum contributors share knowledge that will assist your grow, often providing answers to questions asked or not. Unfamiliar discourse provides further learning opportunities. What is your journal title? And have you learned how to PH test your input water? Always test before using each or any water source. Avoid much run-off in good soil, until later, good luck.

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About the same here. I grew 4 strains in a 32"x32". Mind you it got tight and really difficult to feed lol. I have 10 in there now, 8 strains. Most are autos going outside next weekend. A Godfather OG Fem will stay. If you don’t have a couple clip on fans to keep air moving, grab a couple. Like $14 on Amazon. Not necessarily needed the first couple/few weeks.

If you are using FF nutes when feed time comes, do the flushing that is Incorporated in the schedule. Their soils run a good 4-6 weeks with no nutrient, pH’ed water only.

Good luck and happy growing!!!


4-6" Oscillating grow tent fan, I am waiting for my first-second pair. BAD Seller first pair.
@Borderryan22 has good idea for excessive germinated seeds. Be aware of outdoor planting dates for your zone. Seedlings do not like wet fog mornings.


Hi there. welcome to the neighborhood. Apera 20 is a good ph meter. The only other important one is ppm or tds. these are for your runoff to see how your nutrition is doing. You should be good with everything else. But, this is a habit forming hobby. I bet, like many of us, you will upgrade your light, then tent size. I have 2 lights sitting in a closet that i got before knowing better. I also have a SF. (4000).
Good luck and have fun.


Spent 4 hours today, emptied both tents and washed with disinfectant. Swapped positions of the Apollo 4x4 tent with the Vivosun tent, to facilitate incorporation of shorter intake/exhausting hardware. The Apera 20 has arrived (need to learn how to use), as did the digital PH liquid pen. Much easier and less waste than titration PH measuring of water for grow. Still not successful with cloning cuttings. Possibly too much light in the tent or tent too cool. Lights were re-organized, heights and positions changed. Plants repositioned for canopy utilization. Clearly one bloom and one veg tent setup, now. Trim/trained a couple of plants. System required for successful grow is evolving and adapting, a big Thanks to all ILGM forum postings utilized for learning and support.


Welcome to the community.

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One goal with the tent lighting swap was because one tent is ten degrees warmer in the cool weather.
75/65 days and 60/55 nights. Hoping to raise veg tent temp and lower bloom tent temp.
Still waiting delivery oscillating fans and intake fan.

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