1st Time Grower

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“1st time grower.have 4 wk.old ww auto.outside in 3gal. pots.they are only 6-7 in, tall and already starting a center bud.not sure how to proceed.have fed half rate 20-20-20 twice.”

Auto Flowering plants flower when they are ready. There really isn’t anything to do. There really isn’t enough information here to make any recommendations for next steps.

If they are starting to bud you would want to switch to a flowering fertilizer which would be higher in phosphorus and potassium (the last 2 numbers)

wondering if their size and progress sounds normal.seems they are tiny to start using a bloom booster.have had lots of cloudy days in n.c. since being outside in 3 gal.pots.anyone with similar circumstance with wwauto?got some blue amnesia auto seed on order too.bold of me!

wwauto in 3 gal pots.outside for not quite 2 wks.roughly 6 in. tall with side branching barely begun and center bud starting.have fed twice with half strength 20-20-20.does all this help?just wondering if i’m in the ballpark.if so-where in the ballpark?

I had a similar experience with my AK47 Auto. It wound up being only about a foot tall at harvest. One main cola and one side cola. I chalked it to some rookie mistakes I made and her just beng a runt. Mine was just hung to dry this morning. It won’t be a huge quantity but the quality will be off the charts!


So one month old 6 inch tall and flowering isn’t what I’d call normal but it isn’t the end of the world. I’d encourage you to go to the grow journals in the beginner section and start a grow journal over there.

Welcome to the boards there is much to learn. To tag someone do it like this @sing and we get a notification that you tagged us.

Hope this helps a little?!

Also did you download the Grow Bible?


I would also like to say welcome, I’m a newbie also and this is the best place to find out anything you need here. There are do many experienced growers who honestly what to help you and share their experiences. Remember- A unasked question is the one not asked !!! Happy Growing @sing


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today my wwauto 3 are 7in. and 8in. at 4wks.old outside.starting side
branches with center bud.how am I doing?do they seem short at this
point?could cloudy weather here in n.c. be a factor?they are adorable…

How bout a pic? @sing

You bet (if I can figure how to) today 7,9,10".wee but purdy!