1st time grower need help

Will be Starting a 2x4 grow tent with 2 plants on hydro system. I know this is a dumb question but need a A to Z list of everything I will need. Any info/advice will help.

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Hydro is a complicated process are u sure u want to go down that road ,cause there is alot of things u need to know first it is really for the more experienced people ,but if ur doin coco coir with peat and perlite mix thats is considered hydro .what type of hydro are you talking about

Yes I’m planing on to am doing a lot or research now before I set it up, I found this kit Active Aqua Root Spa 5 Gallon Hydroponics Bucket System, do u know if this is good or know a better kit, thx

Also do u know if this VORTEX 4" POWERFAN INLINE FAN, 220 CFM and filter kit is a good system?

I would go with the 4” vivosun fan kit myself. If you are planning on just doing 2 plants I would suggest going to a hardware store/Amazon and pick up the essentials for this build.

2- 12 to 17 gallon rigid totes.
1- 30 ft air line hose (blue or black is best but any color will do)
4- 2”x4” airstones
1- air pump with a 4 port output (1/4” ports)
4- 4” or 6” netpots
1- large bottle of hydrogen peroxide (you’ll need it for sterilizing stuff)
1- Hydroponics fertilizers (your choice, I use ff trio and their boosters)
1- large box of baking soda (for pH up) and true lemon juice (for pH down)
1- 10 liter or higher bag of hydroton

That’s all I got for you at the moment

Amazon has the best deals for most of these items.

Is this a good lighting setup MARS HYDRO TSL 2000W Led Grow Light Daisy for a 2x4 tent?

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If you can sport the extra $100, this one does quite well.

I use these lights, models:FC and FC-E, for most of my setups.

I need help with ventilation knowledge, my 2x4x7 tent will be in closet, will my closet give enough fresh air or do I need to get fresh air from a window or something? My closet will have other stuff in it for example clothes n stuff.

I need help with ventilation knowledge, my 2x4x7 tent will be in closet, will my closet give enough fresh air or do I need to get fresh air from a window or something? My closet will have other stuff in it for example clothes n stuff.?

I could do this or is it not necessary?

Ok i would make sure u have fans blowing air around and u have to have a exshust system to vent out the old air now u can have a another exshust system bringing in air if you want to but remember ur clothes are goin to probably smell like weed specially when ur plants start to flower

I’m gonna use a 6in in line dancing with carbon filter and 4in vent fan for fresh air, but wat can I use for temp control? I live in PHX AZ n it gets 115+ in summer?

Well if ur goin to use that with ur other exshust system sucking out the old air and ur fans blowing air around u shouldnt really have a problem with high heat and if u do u xan put ur aircon on in ur place which will help keep ur temps down and if ur worried about it being to cold ur air con again should help with that if ur aircon has a heating function on it

I would run an oscillating fan in your space to blow across the canopy (brand: Hurricane Fans, are great for this. Can’t recommend them enough.) to allow for air flow.

As for carbon filter/fan combo, go with A/C Infinity. Your space is only 56 cubic feet, a 6” exhaust fan w/carbon filter with ducting (as long as it’s no more than 10’) will do nicely. Your total CFM required to be moved would be 112-150 CFM. The 6” fan from AC will do 320+ CFM, that would leave you exchanging the air 1 1/2 - 2 times per minute in your space.

Carbon filter -VORTEX 6" POWERFAN INLINE FAN, 220 CFM and filter kit for odor / old air. N I’m thinking I’ll have a 4 in vent fan pulling in new air from my room or outside? Also a small/oscillating fan for circulation. Do u think this will work?

I would pull air in from your room. With people occupying The space, CO2 levels should be higher than outside. Also, if you have a ac environment, sucking in cooler air will help. Especially since any ligh/electronics that you use will put off a lot of heat.

Just remember the rule of thumb for air exchange in a space is 1 full room change ever minute. You can get away with changing the air out once every two minutes but once a minute or better is best.

Adding a carbon filter to your fan will diminish the volume of cubic feet per minute that a fan can do. So, a 220 CFM fan with carbon filter (not including ducting) will only truly pull about 150-160 CFM.

If room is setup correctly, the only time you should smell stinky is when the door is open. Also, if you can afford a second carbon filter, it is worth having it around. The sheath around the carbon filter gets dirty pretty quick in a small enclosed space. Having the availability to exchange carbon filters while you wash the sheath of the other one is great.