1st Time Grow, Here Goes Nothing

@Graysin The camera on my phone has decent zoom so I did the best I could to take pictures of a leave on a different plant. The color has looked this way since it grew, I think it’s because it touched the side of the humidity dome for a bit. However there is a spec of something on it, I cant tell if its dirt or worse. Any ideas? Ill definitely buy some captain jack’s today. Would you use dish soap and water right now or wait for captain jack’s? Dont know if the solution is worth stress on the plant. And hopefully its the ph’d water, I’ll keep a better eye on it.

Original spot shown above just zoomed in

Plant that touched humidity dome, spec is halway up

The other plant that’s looked this way since that leaf grew, the spec is halway up on the first pic of it

@Docnraq Oh ok awesome, Any guess on time till LST can be started? Ive read 5th or 6th node

Ahhh. Humidity dome makes way more sense. I’d stand by for the CJDB - the speck is maybe concerning - maybe bug poo or perhaps just dirt that ended up on the topside somehow.

I’m inclined to say hang out and see if any other leaves are affected. Spread would lend itself to a pest problem.

The damaged leaves are gonna stay damaged and probably get worse but the nearby leaves shouldn’t be affected if it’s from contact with the humidity dome.

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@Graysin Thanks so much for the help, would it hurt to incorporate cjdb treatment for the plants once a week? Local store has some in stock so Ill be picking some up today just to have on hand. I was combing through the forum and saw mentions of people who do that, figured I’d get your thoughts on it since I see your name all through these forum posts haha

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I’m everywhere at least sometimes. :joy::rofl:

Yes, once or twice a week as preventative maintenance is a good idea. If they come in on your clothes or new bag of soil or through a vent, biweekly spraying will stop them from getting established and breeding to a point of infestation. You’ll feel silly because you’ll never actually see any bugs, but that’s exactly why you do it.

As an aside, get the concentrated CJDB if you can, it’ll last a lot longer because it’s super super concentrate, compared to the ready-to-spray bottle. I got the RTS version once so I had a spray bottle, then used the concentrate afterward, just re-used the RTS bottle to mix and spray.

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@Graysin awesome, off to the store I go! Thanks for the guidance, truly appreciated!

Today marks 14 days since the ladies poked their heads above the soil! Seems that compared to week 1, #1 who was the fastest grower has slowed down slightly, whereas #3 looks like its speeding up more. The mutant is still growing very odd in comparison to the other 2 plants, but I feel like that is to be expected given the abnormality of the mutant itself. All 3 pots seemed to be pretty light today, and were pretty dry an inch deep so I decided to water the ladies. They all received 6.72ph water, that was checked 4 times, 1 of which was after it sat for a while, to ensure accuracy.
I also noticed that #1’s leaves seemed to be drooping some, so I hope the water will remedy that issue. also noticed plants #1 and #3 seemed to be getting what I’ve seen referred to on other posts as “painted nails”. The tips of a few leaves have a very small yellow spot on them. As far as pests, I have been checking daily to see if any new spots have emerged on the leaves after treating with jacks deadbug and have not seen any new areas of concern.

Also planning on upgrading/adding another light to the tent white higher ppfd. All 3 of the ladies are measuring 460ish ppfd, and 31 DLI on an 18/6 schedule currently. I know my current light will grow buds, but advised they could be very airy, so Ill be adding a light in the hopes that it will give me denser buds. I’m thinking about a Mars Hydro TS 1000W LED. The map shows for the mars shows a ppfd high of 1348 in the center at 100% 12inches above the canopy. I’ve spent about 5 days trying to find the best I can with the fairly low budget I have and I believe it is going to be the winner, unless someone advises me of a better alternative. Any advice there will be greatly appreciated! I’ll probably hold off on purchasing the light till this hurricane has moved on, just to ensure that money wont be needed for repairs or something. Also chomping at the bit to LST, but I think they still need some time for that unfortunately. Anyways, I believe that is everything as of now. And as usual thanks for your time and all feedback is welcome! Pics of the Girls Below

Plant #1 ^^^



Your pics suggest you are overwatering

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oof, was trying to avoid that, I’ll hold off on water going forward

Stay far away from Mars Hydro, imho.

Best budget light is gonna be Green Beams - next runner up being KingBrite. GB is a U.S. company and they’re pretty snappy. KingBrite is Chinese but they offer some things that HLG and GB don’t (built in IR diodes). I have 2 x 240 watt from KingBrite, a 240 watt from Green Beams, and a QB288 kit from HLG. They all perform substantially similarly. None of them outperform the HLG Diablo (QB648) boards that come on the 650 Rspec or the Scorpion Diablo. But with budget being the primary consideration, GB and KB would be where I’d go.

Pretty much anything you can find on Amazon for under $200 is going to be flaming garbage, unless it’s on a super special sale. The PAR maps lie and there’s no actual evidence or reporting to support their claims. I only trust GB’s lights because they’re almost direct replicas of the HLG lights just using “last years” diodes (301B rather than 301H, Epistar for the reds instead of Osram)


Any link to GB? I tried search for them but cant find anything, I found some Kingbrite’s on alibaba but the shipping looks like it takes a while. Suggestions for HLG in 2x2?


green-beams dot com

If you find the US stocked KingBrites, they’re pretty quick - I waited about 3 days for mine.

Green beams is at green-beams(dot)com

For a 2x2, you’re going to have to wrestle just about anything into it. Most lights are 24-25” across.

For HLG, I’d grab their QB 135 Rspec kit (use DUDE as a coupon code for a discount). It’ll fit a 2x2 without any beef at all. Maxes out at 150 watts, but it’s a good budget light for the space. Not much room to expand though, so that’s the con I see there.

@graysin I’m strongly leaning towards the HLG you’re recommending, is there assembly required? and will I still have to worry about potentially “airy” buds with that?

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I think that for a 2x2, you’d be around 37 watts per square foot with the 135 Rspec. No worries about larfy buds or sad wisps of a cola - it’s plenty to get bulk on 95% of your plant(s). The edges of the tent may get less light but not enough to hurt anyone.

The QB 260 rspec would be even better - just shy of 24 inches so it’d fit your tent fine and has 250 watts instead of 150 - aka absolute overkill.

It would run about $240 plus whatever shipping might be - but in terms of maximizing your investment for the space, it ain’t a bad deal at all.

By the way - “assembly” is required but it’s essentially just plugging pre-included wires in according to the diagram they sent with the light. Not difficult at all.


The amount your watering is prolly fine, its how often you are watering that is strssing your plant. Let the soil dry out a lil more. Before next watering.


@Graysin alright if that’s the case then I think I’ll pull the trigger on the 135 Rspec. I just dont want to get time to harvest and end up with larfy buds. I figure once I get a few grows under my belt and can justify a 2x4 or 4x4 then I’ll get a big beafy light/lights for that one. Really wish I would’ve realized the ac infinity light I have wouldn’t be very viable for me, but oh well live and learn. Thanks a ton for taking the time to explain the pros and cons for the different lights!

@Docnraq Alright, I’ll give them atleast a minimum of a week before they get anymore water, have been giving 3-4 days between watering so what you’re saying makes sense


I wouldnt be so rigid on schedule just go another day or two dryer. Its a balancing act kind of… she will drink more and faster the older she gets.

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Oh ok will do, do you think I may have stunted her? @Docnraq

No, she just could be happier.

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