1st time grow autoflower

Plant sprouted 11/29 in solo cup, 2 weeks in had overwatering prob, so transplanted in 3 gl fabric pot, with jungle grow dirt.
Had prob with humidity, added humidifier, turned light to 75 percent, and turned up fan one speed. Now im getting some kind of leave curl.
Ilgm white widow autoflower
Mars hydro 28 x 28 grow tent
4 " inline fan (50 percent power)
Mars hydro ts1000 light (currently at 75 percent power) 18 " above plant
Ac infinity oscillating fan (running 2nd speed)
Water every other day with distilled water(neutral ph)
Humidity 65 - 70
Temp 71- 75
No added nutrition


Note humidity was high i had turned off fans ,thought was too much breeze

I’m dealing with the same thing so clearly I’m not the expert, others will have more thoughts. For my two bitcoin, at 84% the humidity is high based on the VPD chart that goes around. Also, do you use the photone app to determine the intensity of the lights at the leaves? The PPFD and DLI may inform whether you have a little too much light. The app is free and the charts are widely available. Sticking to those helps a lot.


Whoops, sorry - I’d also keep the fans on.


Overwatering is the numero uno problem encountered with seedlings. This isn’t a huge issue with photoperiods as they have time to recover and rebuild their root structure before going into flower. Autoflowers, however, have very little recovery window, since they start to flower when they want. If they go into flower while they are experiencing transplant shock, recovering from overwatering, or something that puts them in recovery mode, while they’re still small, then you’re likely going to end up a small plant.

Also, as mentioned, the photone app, or a decent light meter, are good tools to have in the belt. At 18", and 75% your plant probably wants some more light.

Your humidity ahould be down in the 40’s, low 50%'s while flowering. That is a sure fire way to catch mold. It isn’t so bad for a seedling. In veg they prefer high 50’s and low 60%'s. But during flowering, i try to stay between 40-50% rh.

Lastly, if you’re using the green probe meter for anything other than soil moisture, toss it. They aren’t even much good for that either. The “lift test” is best for watering practices. If the bag is light, water. Your pant shouldn’t need more than a cup or 2 of water every 3 or so days. At that size. And water closer the the sides of the bag, away from the stem.

Hope this helps. Good luck and happy growing!!!


Download the Photone app and keep up with your DLI. I tried the height changes and all that. Tune in your DLI. I use this chart for different stages of growth.