1st shot at mainlining/fluxing

So I am attempting a mainline on a Crown Royal ,it wasn’t my initial intention ,basically just the way it turned out. Started journal kind of late but basically just want some input as to the huge amount of mistakes I’ve made.
I dont know if this is right or im just torturing this poor girl ,but I do know its harder then it looks and way harder then it sounds.
I know its a mess of tie downs and wire but I did what I could with what I had and am just hoping it isn’t a complete failure!
Have a look and please give any and all feedback thanks.

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This is what I basically started with

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And this is what I’ve ended up with, had a big split right down middle but hasn’t seemed to bother it at all once I tied it snug.

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I’m in love with the manifold, I don’t do the whole tie down all separated like yours. You have definitely made a good looking manifold and you have done it on your first try :wink: :+1: be proud I’ve seen some scary attempts

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Well thanks man I appreciate the words of encouragement.

If you don’t tie them down how do you do it? Some ancient secret id love to be privy too as the tying down is stressful lol.

I tie them but not like you have yours my branches end up being more of a Y instead of a T here’s a couple pics


Very nice and clean neat work I couldn’t get my wire to stay in the medium like that but I will definitely start using that lil eye loop method ,looks clean !

Thanks for the input and the pics, helps to see the way others do just even little things!


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Do you notice a big difference in yeild? Compared to say topping and fimming and other training techniques?

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That is what I love about doing em this way, it keeps them inside their own footprint and it makes them easier to grow in a sea of green (sog) . I’m doing things a little different because I just moved out of my closet into a tent I’m hoping to be able to control the environment better we’ll see this sumer if that works. This is my first grow in the tent but I crammed as many plants in there as I could here’s a pic from earlier today. In my closet I would average a quarter pound per plant but on my manifolds a couple had 6 ounces so I’m trying to get my average up to 6z per plant so I made all of these manifolds :crossed_fingers::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 9 5 gallon plants


Very nice how many plants in the tent and how big is your tent?

Nvm I seen 9 in 5g pots

4x4 with 9 5 gallon plants i switched em to flower 1/11


Well they look great, gonna be nice harvest looks like!


Thanks I’m still trying to dial it in. If you have some more questions just @ me like this @Kotnmouf I’m around off and on day n night I’ll try to help you out

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Thanks ,I appreciate that alot! I will definitely be using that @ before the end of this one!

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I will vouch for using “staples”. Once the soil compacts a bit the staples will usually hold. If not, I use a heavier gauge wire and cut them longer for the extra weight (14 gauge fencing wire). Not a manifold but you get the idea

This is my first attempt at a manifold with a little flux.
I used a clone so I chose the one with the closest alternate leaves. You can see it was not topped to get the manifold. None the less it split when I put pressure on it - a little aloe vera to help it heal

A bit of a mess. It is 15 weeks since it was cut. Used some skewers to establish shape.

The next step was: (after removing unwanted lateral stems)

After it was topped and transplanted to 3 gallon (3x3 tent, 5 plants = 3 gallon pots).

It is coming around. Used staples where I could. Otherwise tied to edge of bag

My next grow will be from seed and plan on them being more like MeEasy’s for more vertical growth.


@beardless I see your main stem split, I’ve done the same thing more than once. I read in one of the tutorials that if when you top them cut higher then the node to leave a 1/4 to 1/2 inch stem sticking up and it is stronger and less likely to split. I still split em I’ve never not left the stem so I don’t know if it’s stronger than without. I scribbled on this pic to point it out. Thanks for all the atta boys, I wish I could take credit for the technique but it was someone else who came up with it I just learned it like you. Like the song “It wasn’t me” lol


@Kotnmouf. I am definitely watching this thread. I need a new technique for next grow since I have an overgrown jungle in the closet!

Two more weeks and I will trim a much as my heart can handle.

Thanks. The plant pictured isn’t a manifold in the truest sense other than it has only two main growth points. This will maybe show what I mean better. The branch on the left is actually the apical stem.

Because it is a clone, the branching structure isn’t opposite so I cheated and just bent the apical stem at the most convenient branch node. Hence, no stub. I did top this stem to slow its growth down (several times). I wonder if it will get the big knuckles like traditional manifolds?

@Kotnmouf, yes ties are necessary. You did a great job. One suggestion. I was told to leave as many original interior leaves as possible. Like the leaf stems at the branch nodes. You can see it better in the last overhead photo. Doing so encourages stronger growth etc. They will be removed as it matures and definitely at traditional defoliation dates.

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