1st grow update

Hello everyone!! Just giving my update on my first grow. 3x3 tent, 2 Mars Hydro ts600
5 plants: 2 low ryder auto flower
1 Super Skunk Photo
1 OG Kush Photo
1 Divorce Cake Jungle Boyz clone from a friend (photo)

My 2 low riders are starting there 5th week of flower. Other 3 plants still in veg and topped yesterday. Learning a lot throughout the process. Big question now should i flip my Photos to flower? A little worried about room.
All input appreciated!


They look good but I would flip them if it were me… my photos filled out after the flip I also have 5… 2 were supposed to go outside but… lol either way they are great looking plants!!


Looks good my freind :+1:

And I agree with @SnkeyezCobra on the flip, they should streach a good bit just after the flip.

However, you will gain a little room when the autos are done so its whatever you think :grin:


Good Morning :blush: your plants look great. You are going to have a very full tent. Happy Growing :blush::v:

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Very nice and healthy looking. You have done well!

let me understand…you have auto flowers that are 5 weeks into flower and some Photos in the same tent…what will you do with the auto’s if you turn your lights to 12/12 for the photo?
a photo will double in size normally but can triple in size during the flower stretch…

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Ideally i was going to try and keep the photos in veg till the low ryders are ready for harvest. Idk if i will be able to make it that long though before the photos get to tall. Thats why i topped them yesterday. Hoping they stop growing vertically and bush out horizontally for a couple more weeks till the low ryders are done. Deff wont be doing it this way again. Think im gunna try 2 big photo plants next time.


Plants are looking super healthy Grow Bro. I have a habit of running autos and photos but only one photo and have never got them all to the finish line together. Lucky I keep a spare tent to put the photo in to finish. I would be more concerned with lighting and bud development. With a total of 120 watts on those MarsHydro’s you’re not going to get decent buds and weight. For a 3 x 3 with 4 plants you would be looking at 360 watts or better. You could flower the 2 autos under those. Personally I would put the photos outside if you can :love_you_gesture:


@OGIncognito I believe the mars hydro ts600’s are 100 watts each. So 200watts for the 3x3. Mars Hydro recommended the ts600 for the 2x2 tent so i put 2 of em in the 3x3 lol. Hoping to get the 2 lowryders out soonish so ill only have the 3 photos flowering in there. Hopefully get decent buds. The lowryder buds are starting to get pretty chunky. But this is just my first grow so just feeling things out and trying to learn this time.Probably get better lights in the future. Been liking the general hydroponics nutes ive been using.

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You got it on the wattage Brother, I had and still do the old MarsHydro 600 and still a favorite little veg light. Sounds like a solid plan :love_you_gesture:


I successfully raised one plant under a TS1000, which is 150 W. Current grow, I got a 3x3 tent, and ended up putting two 240W lamps in there, plus a 20W UV/IR supplement. That was fine for growing four plants. IMO you may need a bit more help light-wise here.

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1st grow update: 1 Jungle Boyz Divorce cake back left 1 OG KUSH back right and 1 Super Skunk up front. Flipped to flower on June 19th. These 2 mars hyrdo ts600’s have been great so far. Just added a 3rd one today to help them along even more lol.


My my! Looks great!!!


looking good…the long ones look Jurassic


Looking just wonderful - this is an amazing first grow!

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Looking Awesome. I have a mars hydro 600. I used it my first grow. One plant and it actually did really well. Happy Growing :blush::v:

They are supercalfifragilisticexpialadocious.! Hope I spelled that correctly.

Looking good Brother, some nice rockets in there :love_you_gesture: