1st Autos, NL slow growth?

Water is de chlor tap, ph’d to 6.4/6.5.
No data on ppm

Before you ph it what does it come out at?

Using lemon juice to bring it down from 7.2

@Rip4Buds no that is a blackjack auto other 3 are fat bastard photo period right now you plants are too small to water to run off only thing you should do is give ph water get temperatures and humidity right for first 4 to 5 weeks.

Use this chart to dail it in

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Hey. That’s what I am doing outside, top dressing worm dirt and mixing fish fertilizer 5-1-1 both just small amounts every other watering. I haven’t watered in 3 days. Last year the trees shot out the ground but this year they are 3 weeks old, pretty strong bushes but I have not had a growth spurt. Holding my breath, Anyone That has reason or a comment please post it. I have great soil 60/20/20, soil-coco-perlite, 2 -5 gal buckets, 2 grow bags, and one other 5 gal. Planter. The bushes look healthy just started putting on tops but they haven’t had a growth spurt yet. Thanks everyone

@DUDE12 let’s see your pictures

I will do that sometime today

I 've been growing NL autos for about a year straight, autos last around 2 moinths from start to finish

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Looking good! I’d give them more time then that.

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How long should you be domed on seedlings?

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If you’re using solo cups to start in, when the leaves are just about to touch your dome. If not, then go by first set of true leaves. Remember to keep water away from stalk 2" after permanently removing the dome.

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Welllll, that may just be part of the problem. Ive been soaking them down like i see folks do in the videos. Is there any recovering or just restart a new batch :thinking:, cause thats what i did as a back up. My new babies haven’t soil yet.

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Can you share a picture of them?

After sprout, seedling only need ~5ml of water. They will drink through their cotyledons (two little round leaves) from the humidity in the air. This is why it is important to dome them early on. Mist the inside of the dome only. Once the leaves reach what i described above then only water very little a couple inches away from the stalk. A wet stalk can cause pythium (root rot). You want them to search out for water thus promoting root growth. The most common thing we do is give them too much water at this stage. Roots need oxygen to breathe and keeping the soil too moist drowns them. As the plant gets a bit bigger gradually water a little more each time but continue also watering further away from the stalk. You want to allow the soil to dry out each time before watering again. This is called a drench to drought routine. You will follow this practice throughout the entire grow. Once your plant is mature enough, 30 days or so, it doesn’t matter how much water you give her it matters how often. Its the frequency not the amount that causes overwatering.


These are 11days old…

This is same, 11days

What type of soil is that you have them in? Are there holes in your cup?

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I notice on one some water droplets. Its advised never to spray water on them as the droplets act as magnifying glasses and will burn your leaves.

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Yes, several wholes on bottom corners

I think that was from having the domes back on… been trying to keep ppfd around 200 so as not to heatsttess or burn, but its something new each run. Soaking 2 more strains today for more back up… mimosa and fruity pebbles photos.

The new soil is organic soil from Jiffy mixed with perlite.

The NL ank AK47 were in a coco, moss, perlite mixture PH’d

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