16 days in. Issue with seedling maybe?

Hey guys. New grower here. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just bad genetics? Here is my seedling at 16 days. I only have 2 sprouts at the moment. The other one looks fine. This one just looks… odd? What do you all think? Some of the leafs look a little deformed.

Gorilla Glue Autos
Using 6.5 PH water.
No nutrients yet.
FF Happy Frog soil.


Welcome ! seedling looks good and will be fine. I like to water in a 6 inch round pattern from the plant that lets roots go searching for moisture. Good luck


Once you get a few more sets of leaves they should look a bit healthier. My plants were the same but only the first few leaves like yours.
I wouldn’t worry :+1:

They grow out funky sometimes. Especially if your plant is growing quickly. And if she’s that big after 16 days, I’m gonna say she’s growing pretty quickly. :+1: