Seedling problems!?!?

Hello all, I’m having a issue with about 3 of my baby’s right now. They are all from seed and only about 16 days old, I’ve noticed yellow coloration and even some of the leaves look like they are curling, I’ve only done PH watering at about 6-6.8 no nutes just happy frog media. I will attach some images and hopefully I can get some help figuring these out!!

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Sometimes water droplets on the leaves from watering or misting will act like little magnifying glasses and burn spots on the leaves…
Could that be something that happened?


Time to transplant. Lensing is a good call.


Defiantly because I do remember water sitting on the leaves while the light was on

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If thats what it was just be careful now and it wont be any problem.
I did it too at first. Plants turned out fine.

how many drain holes in each cup?

I’m new to growing… Can someone help me with my seedlings… Preformatted text![IMG_20200630_210522|375x500](upload://rAsTmE4x7Js2zEzwTB19FwDrLEp.jpeg)