14 weeks autoflower?

Looking for some advice this is my second grow, grew some white widow auto an AK-47 Auto that turned out not too bad for a first grow.
Now I have some 14 week bubble gum auto that seem to be taking for ever.
I have an ak47 that I grew at the same time and the tricombs are just turning amber. Thoughts on my ladies please. They are 4ft tall. Thanks


although they are auto’s what light schedule are they currently on.?

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And sometimes autos have to have a nudge in the right direction with a 12/12 light cycle, if you want them to to go into flower, you can see if you can get them to start by switching them to one.

I appreciate the responses, reading thru this site Looks like I have a lot to learn. Wish I would have found it sooner. All my seeds are from here.
I am running them on 24 light cycle Had decent luck first time. I have a ak47 in the same 4x4 would I go straight to 12x12 or something less to get my bubble gum to flower? I am flushing my ak47 will changing the light cycle affect that ? Thanks.


No, go ahead and go 12/12. If you have sufficient lighting, you can grow autos 12/12 start to finish. I run my autos 24/0 first couple weeks then 16/8 until it begins to flower then 12/12 the rest of the time. Saves some money that way. You better start tying that thing done, once the stretch begins, itll get huge

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14 weeks of flower time or 14 weeks of total growth?
If total growth, it sounds like you are right on schedule. 6-8 weeks of veg time plus 8 weeks of “advertised” flower time. Note: With few exceptions, the advertised flowering time is under best-world conditions, and you can generally count on it taking 1-2 weeks longer than advertised.

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Thanks I have turned off my light off. With this 600 watt light I’m running should I go 12-12 reading in this forum looks like I’m not using good enough light

14 weeks of growth they sprouted 11-8-2019

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not sure I understand ?
I am starting to understand why there is so much used grow equipment for sale.
A lot more to this than I thought

don’t get discouraged be very leery of used equipment

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my last grow the WW autos vegged 15 weeks with my photos and came in at the same time. of course I am to blame for all the mistakes I made and stresses I caused on them so I am doing it again to see what happens with the same type seeds as last time

Okay, that’s too long. Are you sure you ordered the autoflowering strain and not the photoperiod one? Believe it or not, that mistake happens pretty often.
Either way, go ahead and switch your lights to 12/12 and they should begin to enter the flowering stage.

That is a 100 watt light. It will be good enough to grow one plant under. It will grow a decent plant, just not a bountiful one. Those types of lights work pretty well during the vegetative stage, but not so much during the flowering stage.

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at Feb 22, 1.15.28 PM

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Thanks good advice

Will this create anything better than a 12/12 fem? Just don’t see any benefit in autos except they’re faster to smoke-able bud if you want to keep the lights on and do a 60-75 day low yield grow.

I’m running into that, too. I have a couple of autos at 13 weeks and they’re around 1/2 clear 1/2 cloudy at best. They’ve had a hard life, but I’m trying to coax them to finish soon. They’re only getting RO now…