White Widow Auto Topped by dog

Anyone got any suggestions, tips or comments about my 40 day White Widow Auto. I’m open to any suggestions to help my grow. My dog topped it when it was about 2weeks out of dirt.

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Looks like it is just about to start flowering. It will likely make just the 2 colas but they could be big colas. :crossed_fingers:
Pretty sure this was a WW as well. She never branched at all so I stuck it in a bush outside. It shot straight up and started flowering a single cola so I brought it back in. The 1 bud was about an ounce when done.

She was bigger than this when I cut it. This was at least 2 weeks before chop.


Looks like some beautiful colas.


I have never grown indoor before any tips on lighting cycle?

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18 on 6 off


Can lighting cycle kick autos into budding early or is that only on normal seeds

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Autos are on their own schedule. Doesn’t matter if they get 10 or 24 hours of light they start flowering whenever they want to. If they won’t flower then going to 12/12 gets them to, but that’s a different issue.

I agree with @Bluntsmoke on the 18/6. After a week or 10 days of 24 hours of light all my autos go to 18/6.


You need better quality lighting at a guess