10 days from seedling! Look okay?

Hello all! These are 14 days since germination and 10 days as a seedling. Would these be considered being in the vegetation stage now? White Widow Autos.


Your plants look good! Your definitely in the veg state now as they have put out their true leaves

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Looks great!! Try not to get too much water on the leaves, it can make them look a little funky.


Thank you and thanks for the tip. I will try to avoid getting them wet.

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Noticed some new leaves curling under! Is this a problem?

Please tell me this is a female!! Everything I’ve read says they are but I want to be sure! It’s a White Widow Auto from ILGM.

Female has hairs

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These look like they have 2 hairs coming out so are they females?

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Hairy females but bananas for boys

Thank you all. I feel better now.

Good afternoon!! Should I be worried about this new growth curling under on the top leaves?